April 1st, 2006


[Saturday] "summertime and the living is..."

I had an unsuccessful shopping trip at TJMaxx this afternoon.

Has anyone done any research connecting the onset modern body dysmorphic issues with the onset of modern standard-measurement mass-market clothing? ‘Cause an inability to find clothes that fit you combined with the message that these clothes (supposedly) do fit the majority of people has gotta mess some people up. [Clarification: I wasn’t feeling body dysmorphic, just pissed off at the designers, but it did get me thinking.]

My current problem is that all the pants I bought I somehow didn’t really realize feel like they’re nearly gonna fall off me unless I hike the waist up to around my bellybutton and feel like Urkel. I attempted the Petites section this afternoon but didn’t have any real success. Also, summer coming means clamdigger capri pants are all over the place, which doesn’t help matters any. I miss the days when I just bought jeans and I knew exactly what size I was and what style and brand I preferred.

My mom is going to take me to Sears.

It was 70F at 1pm. The temperature plummeted when a front came through -- 56F at 4:45pm. I got rained on during my errand to the post office, but I like the rain so that was okay. Pre-rain I stopped and chatted a while with the blonde woman on the corner whom I often see walking to the train in the morning, and her 14 month old daughter (thoughtful of the child to be born on the first of a month :) ).

I looked out my window ~5:45 and it was blue sky, yellow glow on trees (sunset I realized), just lovely.

As well as assorted errands, I also did my handwash shirts and a load of dishes tonight, so despite not getting up until ~1pm the day wasn’t a waste.

I don’t think this person ever feedbacked my darkfic, but it was pleasant to see it recced.

Prayers for Skarda and her brother.

And reminder that we move the clocks ahead an hour at 2am (or whenever you go to bed tonight -- whichever comes first).
light in the darkness

[Lent: day 32/40]

-Diego Hurtado de Mendoza

That tree with trembling leaves
is longing for something.

That tree, so lovely to look at,
seems to want to give away flowers:
it is longing for something.

That tree, so lovely to see,
seems to want to flower:
it is longing for something.

It seems to want to give away flowers:
they are already showing; come and look at them:
it is longing for something.

It seems to want to flower:
they are already showing; come and see them:
it is longing for something.

They are already showing: come and look at them.
Let the women come to pick the fruit:
it is longing for something.

from Art & Wonder: An Illustrated Anthology of Visionary Poetry, selected by Kate Farrell, p. 17
small girl in big world [_extraflamey_]

4 years, baby.

I mostly remember that it's April Fool's Day only because it's my LJ anniversary and I know that I have to make mention that it's not a joke every time I mention it.

athene (whom I never talk to anymore, 'cause I suck) gave me an invite code and helped me set up my LJ April 1, 2002 (though I didn't actually post until April 4), so my LJ contains records of over ¾ of my college career and of course my afterlife thusfar.

I just celebrated 2500 entries a few weeks ago and didn't have much to say then and still don't.

I've mentioned truepenny's manifesto just about every anniversary.  It's good for me to remind myself (and be affirmed in my) that I'm LJ-ing primarily for my own self.

I'm currently being read by somewhere in the vicinity of 100 people, and I go back and forth between "why ever do people wanna read me?" and "why do more people not read me -- and more importantly, why do people not comment more?"  As I have been more consistently busy I have gained increased empathy for the skimming.

My one-year anniversary entry was entry #733.
2 year anniversary post: #1,342 [609 entries that year]
3 year anniversary post: #1,932 [590 entries that year]
4 year anniversary post: #2,585 [653 entries that year]

(My first year had the most entries?  How did that happen?)

Of her upcoming anniversary, sangerin just wrote, "I'm going to celebrate the anniversary the same way everyone else does: offer ficlets."  This practice is new to me, and definitely not something I'm down with, as I still owe people icon drabbles.