April 3rd, 2006

tired - crazy

"standing just outside the circle of light"

So, having gotten only ~4 hours of sleep I was fading around 6:30pm.  Going to bed then would have given me ~12 hours of sleep and an average of 8hrs/night for the two nights -- but I thought if I went to bed then I wouldn't actually be able to fall asleep.  So I puttered and tried to get stuff done and then I got sucked into LJ comments and ~10:30 I turned in for the night.  ~11:30 I was still awake.  Grr.  And here I was hoping I wouldn't be one of the walking dead at work.

So now I'm awake, trying to function at a high enough level that I get my recs page updated (something that should have happened on Saturday).  I was tempted to do Remix this year and am glad I didn't given the convergence of work craziness, but I would really like to do it next year and am using that as motivation to actually finish assorted fics I have on the back burner.  I keep being tempted to do a "what do you want me to write/finish" poll-type thing to help me focus on something, but I know that would backfire.  Anyone have suggestions for the fact that I am crap at finishing anything?

(Oh, and Senior Banquet's on a Thursday.  Bollocks.  At least this is added motivation for me to go to Graduation.)

Edit an hour later: Okay, the pathetically small site [recs] update is done. I foresee a much longer list next month. (Oh I have so much to read and feedback.)

Let's try that sleep thing again. [5 hours of sleep; rock on.]
older Cordelia

haikus and limericks

For your Monday pleasure, some of the best haikus from Haiku U.:

Oedipus Rex (Sophocles)
Chorus: poor bastard.
Oedipus: This is awful!
Blind Seer: Told you so.

The Odyssey (Homer)
Aegean forecast—
storms, chance of one-eyed giants,
delays expected.

The Confessions (St. Augustine)
This us just to say
I screwed around. Forgive me.
I enjoyed it so.

Pride and Prejudice (Jane Austen)
Single white lass seeks
landed gent for marriage, whist.
No parsons, thank you.

Waiting for Godot (Samuel Beckett)
Act I. “It’s hopeless.
My boots don’t fit. Where is God?”
Act II. The same thing.

Lolita (Vladimir Nabokov)
Lecherous linguist—
he lays low and is laid low
after laying Lo.

The Metamorphosis (Franz Kafka)
“What have I become?”
Uncertain, Gregor Samsa
puts out some feelers.

The Edward Gibbon The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire is teh bestest. Go get the book and read it yourself.

angevin2 has Shakespeare plays summarized in limerick form.

fandom_limerick? Who knew?
small girl in big world [_extraflamey_]

[Lent: day 34/40]

Floating Bridges
-Federico García Lorca

Oh what tremendous multitudes,
invisible and ever-changing,
come to this garden
and linger forever!

Every step we take on Earth
takes us to a new world.
Every single footstep
lands on a floating bridge.

I know that there is no such thing
as a straight road.
Only a vast labyrinth
of intricate crossroads.

Our steps incessantly
create as we go
immense spirals
of unfolding pathways.

Oh garden of fresh
possibilities!  Oh garden
of all I still am not
but could and should have been!

from Art & Wonder: An Illustrated Anthology of Visionary Poetry, selected by Kate Farrell, p. 24