April 15th, 2006

moon house

son of apartment hunting...

I walked like 5 miles today.

First apartment: $800 studio, utilities (except electric) included; coin-op laundry in basement
~20min. walk from Davis Square (down Highland).  On the 2nd floor.  You enter into the kitchen.  This whole the-kitchen-is-its-own-room is a definite step up from yesterday.  The bedroom is good-sized.  (And I actually enjoy seeing a place while it still has the previous tenant's furniture in it 'cause it helps with the visualizing of how my stuff would fit.)

Second apartment: the one people liked -- $533 for 1of3BRs, electric and utilities not included; laundromat a 5min. walk away
Walk back on Highland to Davis Square, then head onto Holland and walk ~15min.
2nd floor again.  Large living room, and what I imagine is intended as a dining room (it has the lack of doorway that my parents' place has).  The "dining room" is basically wholly empty.  Good-sized kitchen -- lacking any table or chairs.  Apparently a folding table is in storage.  It's a 3BR and the one person who is staying is very much an open-space person, and grew up eating in front of the TV.  She's big on change, though, and seems amenable to compromise -- certainly says bringing the folding table back in to the kitchen wouldn't be a problem.
I said I was gonna sleep on it, but I think I'm gonna take this place.

On my way back, I got out at Harvard.  The spray paint artist is back.  I also bumped into Susan N. and we caught up for a bit.  I got a strawberry-banana smoothie from OlderSmoothieGuy and it was zyum.

I stopped at the library on the way home to pick up books for my mom.  Told Terry about my drunken hit-ons.  'Twas amusing.

Picked up Rieslings for tomorrow's Easter dinner.  They were having a free wine-tasting, so I got a sample of a Pinot Gris and a Pinot Noir.

My mom and I were gonna go to Easter Vigil tonight, but today neither of us were feeling all that into going, so we're staying home.

[Easter Saturday]

Spring Storm
-William Carlos Williams

The sky has given over
its bitterness.
Out of the dark change
all day long
rain falls and falls
as if it would never end.
Still the snow keeps
its hold on the ground.
But water, water is seething
from a thousand runnels.
It collects swiftly, dappled with black
cuts a way for itself
through green ice in the gutters.
Drop after drop it falls
from the withered grass stems
of the overhanging embankment.

from here