April 20th, 2006

will ponder for food

"Yeah, she said, you're right, but I like the cafeteria"

Besides asking the evil Favorite Pairings question, missambs' Fic Kink Friending Freakfest has got me thinking about my fickinks (narrative, not necessarily sexual) which is interesting.

Y'know, for a friending meme thing, people totally don't fill out the "Anything else we should know?"


Poll #713616 cut-tagging

As a reader of your [hermionesviolin's] LJ, my personal preference is that you:

cut-tag more than you currently do
cut-tag less than you currently do
your current cut-tagging is fine by me

Generally, I prefer that people cut-tag:

only spoilers and images/quizzes
spoilers/images/quizzes AND long entries of interest to only a few
spoilers/images/quizzes AND long entries, period
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