April 30th, 2006

(hidden) wisdom

Emmanuel Lutheran & the Congregational

I went to the 8:45 "Formal Liturgy of Holy Communion" at Emmanuel Lutheran this morning.

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Announcments included the Interfaith Picnic in the Park next Sunday.
Bring your own picnic lunch, and a dessert for the sharing table.
I was kinda miffed by the lack of free foodage, but I can understand that that would be a serious sinkage of capital to feed a slew of people, plus they have no real sense of how many people are even coming I would bet.  There will me music from both Pastor Hamilton and Pastor Saling, which I'm looking forward to.

Also next Sunday, the 8:45 service will include a presentation of Vivaldi's Gloria.
John said, "It is your job to bring a friend."
I was gonna rotate to the Congregational next week, but I think I'll stay for this.

Browsing the announcement insert:
"Join the Adult Bible Study every Sunday morning between servics from 10-11 AM downstairs in Room 11.  We continue with the Gospel Side-By-Side, looking at stories found in all four Gospels.  Everyone is invited and each week is a new start!"
Yeah, definitely gonna have to try that at least once.

My mom went to the Congregational this morning, so she took notes and told me about it.

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The Sweetest Swing in Baseball (Rebecca Gilman)

My mom and I took the same train into Boston because we were both going to 3:00 shows -- she to Alvin Ailey at the Wang and I to The Sweetest Swing in Baseball at BCA Plaza Theatre.  She wanted to see the tulips in the Public Gardens, so we walked there from South Station -- trying out a way she thought might be a little quicker than the via Park St. way (and which would also take her by the Wang, guaranteeing she could find it on her way back).  I think it was a bit longer, but I've now been through a bit more of the city (Chinatown) than I had been before.  And I learned there's South St. Diner open 24hrs :)

I was a little worried about getting to my show on time, but I successfully followed Tremont St. and actually got there at quarter of -- second person in the theatre (people started really arriving about ten minutes of).  I chatted briefly with Gilman's paternal aunt (who moved seats due to a perfumed audience member) who apparently lives in Wakefield but hadn't been to Boston in 40 years because of a hellish experience driving into the city (I didn't get the full story because the director or whomever came out to introduce the show).

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BTW [Boston Theatre Works] had their 2006-2007 season listing in an insert in the program.  I turned down Huntington's flexpass because their big shows mostly don't interest me, but BTW might be worth it.
+ I Am My Own Wife (about Charlotte von Mahlsdorf, which intrigues me more than Christine Jorgensen did though it makes me wish I'd gone for the comparison)
+ A Very Merry Unauthorized Children's Scientology Pageant
+ A Midsummer Night's Dream
+ The Tattooed Girl (by Joyce Carol Oates!)
+ BTW Unbound 2007: A Festival of New Plays (July 2007 -- which of course makes me wanna find out about the July 2006 series)

I picked up a flyer for The Man Who 'cause my mom likes Oliver Sachs.

Seeing posters etc. for Hiding Behind Comets reminded me that I want to see that.

Do I want to see an adaptation of Strindberg's Miss Julie??  Oh picking up promotional postcards.  Other thoughts:
+ Samurai 7.0
+ Once Upon a Mattress

Also picked up full info flyer for 22nd Annual Boston Gay & Lesbian Film/Video Festival (which does actually include some trans films).  May 10-21.  I remember thinking about going to some of this last year and never getting to it.  I think the weekday stuff is all evening, so I could totally go.  (I might have to tape some sweeps eps, but I'm okay with that.)  Front page has "Women's Opening Night" and "Men's Opening Night" which bugs me, but honestly almost everything on the list has some interest to me, so I'm definitely considering purchasing a festival pass.  (Also: Youth Program: HINEINI: Coming Out in a Jewish High School ... This timely film chronicles teenager Shulamit Izen's fight to start a gay-straight alliance.... the name totally threw me.)  [Pulling up the website for a link, I am reminded that I should check out this MFA film showing thing more often.]