May 3rd, 2006

hipster me

I'm (over)due for an actual update, I suspect.

I didn't go to the auction tonight.  In part because of the rain (putzing around Downtown Crossing and trying on clothes is less appealing when perpetually dampened and carrying around a coat and bag) and also because I was still feeling tired.  The truest reason is that I am lazy and asocial and inclined to think I would feel out-of-place.  I took a pseudo-nap before dinner, though, so clearly having a lowkey night was not a bad idea.

I did wear my nice black shirt today, though.  ChristineF complimented me on it, of course (and she grates on me more the more I am exposed to her -- sincere and well-meaning, but useless) but the cashier lady when I bought cookies late said it looked sexy, and compliments from people who don't already know me please me.

Eric has not been reported dead yet, but he's been out sick since Friday.  And he has been sick since the previous Saturday, he just kept coming in to work anyway.  He went home early twice, but he also came in early at least one day so it was something of a wash.  We've had a temp since yesterday (Tuesday).

I keep plunking anecdotes into gmail (preferable to yahoo due to autosave function and not having to delete a draft every time you save a new one) and not actually getting them into an LJ entry.

I am so LJ jaded.  I was annoyed it was down last night (esp. since it would come back sporadically), but I did other stuff and went to bed.  I have nearly ceased having fear that it won't come back (esp. since it did keep coming back -- just sporadically).

I've gotten so used to reading my flist through the just-people filter that I find myself skimming past everything else even when I'm reading my default view.  Hmm.  I have such a backlog of reading that I feel like I should just read from recs (possibly still reading from newsletters for f/f -- edit: and still reading club_joss of course).  I want new icons, so I should catch up on icons as well.  Theoretically I want to read everything on my flist, but I've felt tired and non-focusy.  (I also continue to have no attention span for writing fic.  Have started something new yet again.  Really wanna finish my two almost-finisheds, though, so since I don't think I have more ideas than a couple snippets for this most recent one I'll hopefully be returning to those soon.  And yes, Emma, I'm percolating on Quilt.)

I'm enjoying reading fic (printed out on company dime) on my commute.  Of course, this just increases my backlog of stuff to write feedback for even more, but so it goes.  I have V for Vendetta in my possession now, so that will be the commute reading for a bit.