May 10th, 2006

nice is different than good

"Sucker love is known to swing." ("Every You Every Me," Placebo)

I think I'm in my third week of collecting anecdotes and not posting them.  Part of this is often not having the time/energy to sculpt it into narrative.

My To Do list is so big now that I often feel like I don't even know where to start.  Not so much a panicked feeling of overwhelmedness as just numbness (because it's too much for my brain to contain/organize/process all at once) -- which results in nothing getting done and is le suck.

I started work on my fics again today, which is good.

Eric informs me that tomorrow (Thursday, May 11) at 8:30 on channel 25 (FOX) is the 7-minute ad for X3.  I thought this conflicted with CSI and was going to therefore tape it to watch after Without a Trace (Eric's gonna miss part of the Smallville finale, but I'm not missing any of CSI), but my mother points out to me that CSI is in fact not on until 9.  *facepalm*

Attempting to do the "Name Ten Fictional Characters you would sleep with, and why." meme tells me I am so very very gay.  I am also having difficulty coming up with characters to list, which is a little weird.  So many characters I wanna sex up with other people but don't so much wanna sex with me (which is weird, as I said, because when fantasizing the pairing I'm definitely imagining myself in one or often both parties and also -- I realize -- in the dynamic between the two of them).