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burning like matchsticks in the face of the darkness
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Friday, May 12th, 2006

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"let's show them how it's done - let's do it all imperfectly"
Cailin says RA's upset -- she was here until 10:30 last night and then Prof.B. called her at 5:15 this morning. She's been working on this huge project for an outside consulting thing. Plus Cailin goofed on I think our section (though hey, error compounded by students being on top of their shit rather than being delinquents).

quasisonic mentioned this and I think I need to order one for RA.
*dances a little bit*
So, I cried a little inside 'cause flowers=zomg expensive, but then I checked the flist:ficfilter and zomg crack_van. Recced by somebody I don't even know. (Her name is familiar, but it's not like I was recced by one of my friends.) And it's one of the fics I'm proudest of. And just SQUEE!

Edit: permalink for rec.

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