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burning like matchsticks in the face of the darkness
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Sunday, May 14th, 2006

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[Saturday] MFA GLBT Film Festival (Saturday 1) etc.
weather.com said "heavy rain" and it wasn't kidding. How many times did I change my socks? (Though still-damp boots mitigated the efficacy of that.) On Friday, Cailin mentioned buying rain boots over the weekend, and trekking around in boots which have deteriorated to the point where they no longer keep out water I definitely wanted some for myself.

film festival, art exhibits, and what happened afterCollapse )
[Sunday] Mother's Day
The Warners were returned from their RV travels and so of course their welcome back included some good-natured ribbing:
Len: "We have to leave in a half an hour, so get with it."
Pastor Hamilton: "I hear that was said to you a lot."

I am the vine; you are the branches. --John 15:5Collapse )

I didn't see the Warners at Coffee Hour, but when I went to leave I saw they were still standing by the receiving line area talking with people. (I was unsurprised.) I chatted with Len for a bit -- he asked what I was up to, etc. He said he has always seen me as a teacher, and I forget the specifics of what he said but it was just very lovely and meant a lot to me. And I didn't get a Shelby hug, but I'll live.
It's like I'm back at Smith! (in a good way)
Discussion on lunabee34's LJ recently has included (but not been limited to) realism of sex activities in fanfic (esp. threesomes), gender-neutral pronouns and trans identity more generally, and lesbian erotica.

And eard_stapa has been posting (flocked) about misperceptions surrounding bisexuals, with emphasis on online dating sites. [Edit: It occurs to me that I can post links to the stuff she was reacting to, so for interested parties: this lj thread and this article.]

Oh, and thistlerose has been talking about Jem fic, which of course leads to thoughts of other childhood girllove (in this case, BSC, though there are plenty of tv options if one were so inclined). [Amusingly, the post above that on my flist was a flocked post mentioning a BSC Little Sister f/f plotbunny.]

And not about sex [or is it?]: Ari, antheia's getting rid of some LMA and LMM books. Thought you might be interested.
"Through the storm, through the night,"
Okay, I'm abandoning you people for bed. Love you folks.

Reminder: Monday (tomorrow) at 8:30pm (ET) on CBS: How I Met Your Mother season finale with guest starrage.

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