May 16th, 2006


"are we having fun yet?"

What have I been doing in between the mind-numbing data work? Countour-cuttiing hi-res X3 images for my wall. (I feel like such a normie with this whole decorated cubicle thing. For the newcomers: I've always been uninterested in decorating my walls.)
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hipster me

"tonight and for the rest of my life"

How did I get on the Trinity Repertory Company mailing list?  'Cause it's in Providence.  (Yes, I'm sure one of the divisions of Huntington sold my info  I was just still really thrown.  I don't mind at all, 'cause theater=yay, except that I don't drive, so getting to Providence is a hassle.  However, I can now make Cat jealous.)  And dude, they're doing Cherry Orchard [Sept.15-Oct.22] which Huntington is doing over January.  I lurved that the MFA's film booklet includes a calendar with all the films printed on there, for ease of figuring out one's scheduling.  (Though many have multiple showings, which is good but adds an extra component to the scheduling).  I keep forgetting about BostonTheatreScene stuff I wanna see (as well as other Huntington divisions).  I will never sleep again.  (Except, of course, that overtiredness makes me irritable -- plus, yanno, less functional.)

Sidenote: Tonight's nostalgia trip included Gumby.  (1980s era.  Now available on DVD, the Internet tells me.)  I totally don't remember Prickle being yellow.  I also don't remember this being the theme song.  Googling the one line I recall I mostly get UserProfiles, though I do get one real site, though.