May 17th, 2006

dance of joy [kibarika]

"I finish up my coffee; It's time to catch the train."

Okay, today was largely a "meh" day.  However, this has been overshadowed by the AWESOMEness of the end of my day.

Because we know it's gonna take me forever to do full writeups, I've taken to doing caspule reviews of my MFAFilmFest viewings.
  First: Hubby/Wifey.  I suspect Gertrude Stein would approve, and it was interesting, but I wasn't an especial fan.
  Second: Lover Other.  Again, interesting but.  However, Ari! Dawn/Mary Anne OTP Surrealist style.  "My father divorced my mother and married Suzanne's mother.  We became sisters and lovers."
  Third: Guys and Balls.  I hadn't been especially excited about this, but I was glad I stayed 'cause I saw CuteGayGuy from Saturday (who now has a name -- Andrew).  As it turned out?  I loved the movie.  I would even willingly watch it again.  Emma?  You would love it.  Fabulous and Feel Good.  I was literally skipping, jumping, running on my way to the train afterward -- just so energized and gleeful.

P.S. antheia, your book came today.  That was fast.