May 21st, 2006

small girl in big world [_extraflamey_]

Yeah, sleep now sounds like a good plan.

Friday was the 2 year anniversary of the first airing of NFA (the Angel finale) and today (Sunday) was Graduation at Smith [and assorted elsewheres, I'm sure].  The gay filmfest at the MFA has sucked up much of my time this weekend.  The documentary Women in Love in particular has me thinking about relationships [term inclusive of friendships etc.] and documenting one's life.  The former, of course, I've been thinking about for quite some time.  Other amorphous topics I've been thinking about include vocational angst and this weird tension I seem to have going on now between being hateful and being upbeat.  I've had no attention span for ages now -- which is problematic both for writing and responding to LJ entries.  Part of this I think comes from feeling overwhelmed by having so much on my To Do List -- I don't know where to start so I do that counterproductive thing of not even trying.  I don't really know how to fix that other than sitting down in huge blocks of time I don't have and just writing lots of stuff. There's also the liminal space pressure of "must get ready for move" -- though even after I move, and even if work really is slower then, I'll probably have other excuses. Sigh.

Last Wednesday, OriginalRoomie wrote me, "I talked to Mark [the landlord] this morning and he said that he will be out of town until next week at which point he will see about getting over here to fix the window."  So we shall see.  I'm hoping to get serious packing/cleaning-out done Memorial Day Weekend and then hopefully move in the following weekend.

I asked musesfool's iPod oracle: Will this apartment thing actually work out?
But we are young, we’ve gone green
We’ve got teeth nice and clean
See our friends, see the sights
Feel alright!
"Alright" - Supergrass
[Should I attribute meaning to the fact that this is from the Clueless soundtrack? :) ]