May 27th, 2006


"The ice we skate is getting pretty thin; the water's getting warm so you might as well swim."

I would look bad with a shaved head, but I've really gotta get my hair cut -- out of my face, off of my neck.  (Amusingly, when Jonah's mom came by to pick him up day, she said she loved my current haircut.)  I need to find a picture of what I want and make an appointment at an actual hairdresser (or decide to trust SuperCuts with something more than a trim).

I love living in a place that has seasons, and I totally validate it being this warm this time of year, but I still don't like summer.

My brother and I did some furniture-seeking today (we're both moving into apartments) and WalMart is clearly the way to go.  (Yeah, I know, Evil Empire.  I don't really have shame, though.)

As for packing?  I have, um, stared at stuff.  I keep thinking of the post Pastor Hamilton made, specifically the idea about how we define ourselves -- specifically as selves we want to be -- by the stuff we have.  I have so many unfinished projects, and the idea of throwing them out, of declaring that I will never finish them, is painful to me.

I'm hesitant to start going through all the papers 'cause I know I'll get sucked into reading everything and that's no good.  But, um, staring is helping nobody.  'Cause moving boxes of paper up to a second floor apartment = bad, and leaving crap in my parents' house = bad.  So somehow, stuff needs to get culled, or packed up to leave with me.  Okay, I need to sit down with copypaperboxes and organize and label and just get this shit done.
So what's that old example? Upon coming to a chasm that needs crossing, the Gryffindors will leap and hope for the best, the Ravenclaws will attempt to figure out the best way of crossing it and probably stall out in discussions of physics and engineering, the Hufflepuffs will set about building a bridge for everyone, and the Slytherins will supervise and then stroll across once the work is done.
-musesfool (emphasis mine)

I've also got to come up with a system for keeping track of all the stuff I wanna see [MFA film, Huntington et al, etc.] so I can schedule appropriately.


Jonah borrowed S7 BtVS from me and asked which ones he should skip -- he's only seen the first disc so far.  Honestly, I think the pacing in S7 is awful, so I wish a number of the episodes had been condensed, but looking at the episode list, almost every episode has important stuff in it.  There's also the issue of whether one likes certain arcs, which can color whether one finds them important enough to bear watching, and I feel like even 3 years later we're still too close to it -- or maybe that's just me.  Season 6 has similar problems.  Do any of you readers have suggestions of which S7 episodes one should skip?


P.S. MAD TV tonight opened with a Grey's Anatomy sketch and zomg, so true.

P.S.2 The ending of tonight's Twilight Zone episode "Sensuous Cindy." Discuss.