May 29th, 2006

moon house

zomg, packing

Today (Sunday) I have been v. good and worked on packing rather than the zillion writeups I wanna do.  Okay, there were breaks, but they consisted of: church in the morning, cleaning elsewhere in the house, eating/making/buying food, CSI: Weekends, and brief breaks for sanity and/or overheating.

I almost enjoy the organizationalness of packing, but the whole process of going through stuff I haven't looked at in ages and figuring out what to do with it all is tiring.  Though with so much stuff, the separate piles and boxes can get a bit overwhelming as well.

My biggest concern, I think, is what to do with all my old writings.  All the reading material can get boxed up and actually read (and then passed on), but I have so many notebooks (we're talking dating back to high school, maybe earlier) with beginnings of stuff, and I dread even beginning tackle the piles and piles of that.

Throughout the day, my brother kept on my case, which at first was the opposite of motivating, but I actually got a lot done -- yes, in large part due to him.

Am v. glad Monday is a holiday so I can hopefully get the difficult packing done and be left with the easy "put books in boxes" type packing for evenings afterwork.  Really hope to move on Saturday.  Must call landlord on Monday to remind him about the windows.  (My current plan is that I'm moving in on Saturday regardless, but I would really like to have that item off my To Worry About list as I'm sure I'll have a slew of other apartment-related items on that list.)
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hermione by oatmilk

"let's go out walking / you know, it's garbage night"

10 hours of sleep.  Oops.

I still got a good amount of packing/culling/reorganizing done, though.

As usual, despite all the culling (which is definitely not finished, btw) I still have way too many boxes.  7x11 shouldn't be that much smaller than 9x12, but my spatial sense is defective plus I boggle that all this stuff fit in my current 9x12, so I'm still with the worrying.

I did call the landlord.  (Voicemail, natch.)  OriginalRoomie said he hadn't been by to fix the windows yet.  Sigh.


My parents came back from NH and we went to Friendly's for dinner tonight.  I ordered my usual -- the mushroom+swiss+bacon colossal burger with Gardenburger and (duh) without the bacon.

watress (handing us our food): "I told them no bacon, and then they took the bacon off.  Is that okay?"
me: "Yeah, that's okay."
my mom: "And Elizabeth's feeling gracious -- to the shock of her mother."
me: "I've grown as a person."

I generally insist that no meat touch my food (or utensils that are used on my food) but I'm more relaxed about it when eating out.

It occurred to me only later that there's almost no way I would have known about the bacon just from eating it (unless I have a physiological reaction against it -- is that even possible with bacon?) and that was really wonderful of her to ask me about it.

free to good home, part two

let's go down to the east river
and throw something in
something we can't live without
and then let's start again
Seriously, anything you want, just let me know.  No charge.  This is all going to Goodwill.

- A bumper sticker that says:
Next year, why not vacation in the millions of worlds of a used book store?

- assorted magnets
  • a waist is a terrible thing to mind
  • more fun / less stuff
  • Live simply that others may simply live.
  • Practice random acts of kindness and senseless beauty.
  • Speak your mind, even if your voice shakes.
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  • Il Postino (The Postman) (1995)