June 5th, 2006

moon house

I'm officially moved in now.

I would have posted last night, but I don't have Internet at home until we get a router so I can share OriginalRoomie's. (I also don't have a landline, so I suppose I need to get better about leaving my cell phone on. Oh, and OriginalRoomie and OtherRoomie both have tv+cable in their own rooms -- and there isn't a tv in the living room -- so I'm debating getting a tv+vcr/dvd for my own room, though I'm not sure where I'd put it. The furniture arrangement is such that the room isn't claustrophobic, though. P.S. Anyone have pictures of when Fefe took over my room? I was told she made the room seem large and am still in disbelief of this.)

I've been mentally composing an update entry (duh) but I'm still tired (and I didn't even move copy paper boxes up stairs and assemble furniture). I may be going out tonight, though. RA asked if I was coming to the End of Course party and I remembered that I'd forgotten to remind Alyssa (who's out this week) about asking Kathleen about inviting the FAs. RA thinks I should totally (get to) come and will prod Prof.B. to send out an invite to the FAs. [The course is just paying for appetizers, with everyone buying their own drinks, so it wouldn't be a big added expense. I almost think the last-minute nature is worse than not inviting us at all, but whatever, his call.] Edit: Cailin consulted with Kathleen and informed me that the deal is that the faculty are told they can invite their FAs if they wish but Kathleen didn't feel it was her place to invite other people's FAs. So I asked Prof.B. and he said he had no idea he was supposed to be part of the decision making process as to whether I was invited or not but yes I should come.

Edit: This is what I get for using the LJ draft feature as a pseudo-bookmarking thing. *facepalms and deletes extraneous bits*
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