June 12th, 2006

crazy [lavellebelle]

"We estimate that your call will be answered in, 33... seconds."

Way to almost give me a heart attack, automated phone system.

P.S. It should totally not be this difficult to find the phone number for HPHC Kenmore.

Edit: I check a place's website first usually, so the automated phone message "we have a website..." bugs me because I usually already know and already tried it and that's why I'm calling and so the message is just wasting my time, but when aircanada tells you their URL they say "triple-w" which made me happy -- cuts the syllables of saying WWW nearly in half.
tired (glasses)


I figure I might as well just get new frames. Any suggestions? (I suspect I'll just get boring dark wire frames as per usual, but if you think the frame shape I normally get is horrid on my face or whatever, now's your chance to speak. I'm gonna go after work today, so your window of opportunity is limited.)

(P.S. I totally need a sexy glasses icon; I like the idea of this -- by iliana -- but am not deeply enamoured of the icon itself.)
cc sexeh crouch [wickedripeplum]

What improves a day more than porn?

My package from lunabee34 arrived in the afternoon mail. (I'll send you your books tomorrow, Lorraine.)

continuing with the message-to-Lorraine theme:
It's always interesting to see people's comments on books -- and so long as I think of it that way I can stay out of ZOMG YOU WROTE IN A BOOK! headspace. (I am forever jotting down excerpts and reactions, but to actually touch pen/pencil/etc. to page is basically verboten unless to actually make a correction. Why yes I did grow up in a library :) )

Edit, 4:35pm: Andy walks in, "Good morning, Elizabeth." I just laughed. "That traffic can really be tough, huh?" he said. We also chatted about the Glamour magazine from Friday. (He wasn't in that day, so he just saw it.) It was addressed to "SVC MGT INTEREST GROUPRO" with his office number. He put it in Prof.B's box. Ah, fun.