June 14th, 2006


I already knew I dislike summer, thanks, didn't need a reminder.

I basically have one really nice short-sleeved shirt, and I wore that yesterday. So today I wore my green wraparound shirt from the Limited. My room was still cool from the overnight, but walking outside? Ugh. I'm sure it didn't help that I'm wearing dark colors, but still. 70F at 8am... I disapprove.

And they're doing all sorts of construction on JFK St., which will make my lunchtime excursion to Central Square extra-fun. Le sigh.

(On a positive note, I saw Denis this morning -- whom I've been at 2 meetings with and that's it -- and he remembered my name. I was impressed.)
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I'm sure there's stuff I should be responding to, but at this point I give up. I've been reading the flist in spurts this week and a half I was sans Internet-at-home, so if there's anything I haven't responded to, just poke me.

One of the things I was doing before I had Internet in my room was going through files on my harddrive and being reminded of all the WIPs [Works-In-Progress] that I have. After Singspiration on Friday, Ginny asked me if I was doing any writing. Identifying myself as a writer has felt inaccurate for some time now [especially since people usually use it to mean writer-of-fiction, and I've been more nonfiction-oriented recently] but I do miss being a ([fan]fic) writer.

In other news, I have rage. But I am leaving soon to get new eyeglass lenses, so that will be good. ::ignores memory of heat and construction, and works on performance evaluation instead::
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"American girls are weather and noise...."

Okay, that turned into a 2-hour lunch break 'cause I ended up spending 40 [rather than the estimated 20] minutes at the glasses place (the frames have needed adjusting for a while -- they slide down my nose, plus I'm lopsided -- and the guy was a bit of a perfectionist) and I stopped to get a Harvard T Station smoothie on my way back. I passed Prof.B. [who had been at a 3½ hour meeting] on my way in, though, so it's not like I was missed. (And it's not like I've had much to do since. My job makes me tired sometimes -- the waiting around for Prof.B. to get me the info I want.)

It should have felt worse when I left for lunch than it did in the morning ('cause obviously the temperature was higher), but it actually felt better. Maybe the air was drier?

I'd forgotten about the predicted thunderstorms until I was walking back and heard thunder (and saw dark clouds). Nice.

I never did eat my lunch today. Oh well. (Another hour and a half left? Sigh.)
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"She's kinda freaky..." [The Murmurs]

The rain pleased me, though when I initially went outside I found myself cool and actually wishing for a jacket (what a change from this morning!) -- and closed shoes.

I did decide not to go to Target -- due to the damp, my feet hurting, hunger, and general laziness.

So I am spending my evening updating various online profiles (LJ, facebook, okc).

At Davis today and at Central on Monday I saw signs saying "Farmers' Market Today."  (I thought of oyceter.)  Should keep that in mind.  Edit: Thursday morning I saw a sign saying Farmer's Market every Tuesday at Harvard Square.

John lives in Salem! I totally would not have expected that.