June 18th, 2006


tourism. yay!

For months I had been seeing a cow sculpture with an MBTA map painted on it in South Station.  I was reminded of MooseFest (Vermont) but didn't think much of it.  However, it's actually part of Cow Parade.  (And the MBTA cow has been moved to Park St. and in South Station now is a Trojan Cow -- fake wood and gold, no condoms).

The official website has photos, but trijinx for the win sent me a site which has photos of the cows in their actual sites and categorized by the area of town they are in.

I had only seen the South Station one and the two by Park St., but last night when Jonah and I were going to get dinner in the Prudential we passed by "Make Way for Calflings."  So much love.  And waiting for his train after the play we walked around a bit and saw a whole slew (some better than others -- and I feel like I must be missing a cultural reference with the name "Matilda" but I can't think of what it is).

I am so pleased that they will be up all summer and have decided that I must take any out-of-town visitor to see some of them.  I mean, unless you really don't want to.  (I can just hear Kate.)

"i can dream about snowstorms and antartica." -Jonah

I am not dead from the heat -- yet.  I'm very glad to be spending tomorrow in air-conditioning, though (i.e., at work) and also relieved that the forecast is for a downward temperature trend.

Yesterday was actually rather lovely, but today I was sticking to things and am disappointed in the frozen yogurt options and am generally moving into summer discontent mode -- which makes me sad.  Tomorrow I'm gonna go get my hair cut after work, and I'm still working on finding sandals that don't hurt my feet.

(I should probably go back to being ecumenical on Sundays, huh?  Last Sunday I think I was film festing, but today I was just lazy and slept in.  I'm less motivated in part because I've hit so many of the denominations already, though -- and also because I hardly need yet another thing to not have time to write about.  There's a Presbyterian in Inman Square, but beyond that...?)