June 24th, 2006



I woke up around 6:20 Friday morning -- which I do sometimes, even though now I don't need to get up until around 7 -- and I hadn't been getting enough sleep (due to the whole hot weather thing) so I definitely went back to sleep.  Got up to find someone was taking a shower.  And soon saw OriginalRoomie waiting to take a shower as well.  Dude.  Almost never is anyone even up when I get up.  Sigh.  I actually still got to work early.  My biggest complaint really was that I needed to use the toilet (and when living with near-strangers one really can't do that bathroom sharing thing I've gotten so used to from living with family).

Mary Alice and I had lunch outside again [the temp was off at a job interview].  It was hazy but a comfortable level of warm and humid.  Shortly after we came back inside, there was thunder and dark skies.  And it was very much raining when I left.  I was very glad my sandals wrapped around the ankle 'cause I think flip flops would have slid off my feet about a million times.  Sam has the entry on the weather that day, though I don't think it ever got that bad over at my end of town.

I made myself a veggie burger and french fries when I got home.  I'm unused to the smell of gas.  [This apartment has a gas stove, which I haven't had since we moved off of West St. the year I turned 11.]

I was feeling really tired, so around 7:30pm I lay down -- not actually really wanting to sleep much 'cause I thought that would screw up my sleep schedule (as late day naps sometimes do).  I woke up around 11?  I changed out of my clothes and went back to bed -- not wanting to wake myself up much.  I woke up a number of times in the morning and finally got up around 8:20 I think?  Yeah, apparently I needed sleep.

Saturday I went grocery shopping.  Stonyfield yogurt has pectin, which I momentarily couldn't remember what it was, but I bought the yogurt anyway and whee, it's a fruit bit.  "Pectin is widely used in the food industry as a gelling agent to impart a gelled texture to foods"
And they have the banilla yogurt that Smith sometimes had on the salad bar.  Now if only there were yellow bananas.  (The grocery store has green ones which seem to mostly skip the yellow stage on their way to brown in my kitchen.)

Sidenote: Those of you who live with people, how do you do the dishes?  Every time I wash some of OriginalRoomie's dishes when I do the dishes she thanks me, and today I said that I just figure I'll wash whatever dishes are in the sink, that I'm not invested in washing only the dishes I got dirty.  I'm sure I'm influenced by having lived with family for the past year -- where food, dishes, etc. are all communal -- and I'm trying not to begrudge her her method of letting the dishes pile up for a few days (and then soaking them in a sinkful of soapy water -- but not rinsing/soaking anything when she puts it in the sink originally) but I just get weirded by this compartmentalizing.

My new bag came today.  So many pockets.  And with actual closures (one of my big complaints about my Ten Thousand Villages bag).  I still need to set up my laundry bag which arrived earlier this week.  [Should probably go do that now.  Edit: Oops, need a Phillips screwdriver and I already gave OriginalRoomie hers back -- and she's out now.  Sigh; that's what I get for being lazy and putting this off.]

We showed the apartment again today.  Sabeena(?).  I was wearing my Smith: A Tradition Of Women In Exciting Positions t-shirt, so I learned that she graduated MHC 3yrs ago (B.A. in film and comp sci, now doing graduate work in comp sci at Tufts, and testing phones for Nokia).  Her current sublet(?) apparently runs through the end of August, so if she did take it we would have to eat the cost of August's rent (which we would have to do anyway if we don't get anyone ... and OriginalRoomie had already mentioned to me earlier today how she can't afford that).  I offered to eat the cost 'cause having lived rent-free for a year but been working full-time most of that time I can v. much afford it (and would rather eat the cost for one month knowing someone was coming after a month than eat it for an indefinite period of time).  I could have sworn OtherRoomie had said she'd be moving out July 1, though, and when I talked to the landlord when I filled out the rental application back in April he had talked about a "July-July lease," so I'm confused by the idea that we would only have to cover August's rent, but honestly, I can pay for two months so whatever.
Erica, assuming this girl doesn't take it I am in all seriousness offering you the third room in my Davis Square apartment if you are at all interested.

I was realizing this afternoon that I was actually comfortable in the apartment all day (wearing t-shirt, jeans, flip-flops).  Rock on.

P.S. Cat!!!
[And yes, it is all about mixing in milk -- or something like it -- while mashing the potatoes and then stirring with a fork.  Thanks, y'all.]


executrix on the Joss' birthday screening of Serenity (which I didn't go to in my city):
I'm really excited, even though I don't even like the damn movie all that much because in our small and embattled fandom we Browncoats ("the fandom other fans are afraid of") enjoy opportunities to gather and moil about. And that is what I think capital-F Fandom is all about--as the operatic bit of As You Like It goes where they all stand around in a circle and talk about how being in love is to be all made of sighs and devotion even though they're all in love with the wrong person.
[emphasis in original]

as Snow Patrol's "We Can Run Away Now They're All" plays on Shuffle

Talking with Joe...

me: people keep asking when I'm going to take some vacation time and go away some where and I don't really have any ideas on that front at all.
him: haha
him: you should, though
him: vacations are good

In our conversation, I mentioned how everyone I know is working so even my usual plan of visiting people doesn't so much work.  It occurred to me that if I'd known there'd be all this pressure to take vacation time (and go away somewhere to boot) I should have made plans to go to writercon [I have difficulty self-identifying as a writer, so it barely even registered on my radar, being something that people who actually write seriously would go to -- plus, not like I know any of the actual writers in any of my fandoms ... but now I know that at least I'd get to meet lunabee34].