June 25th, 2006

moon house

and 3 Doors Down "Right Where I Belong" plays on Shuffle

Padding from the kitchen to my room in my t-shirt+jeans+flip-flops with my glass of milk and my sammich it felt like home, like this is home.  Which was really nice.  I'd been kind of wondering when that would happen.  There's still stuff I need to acquire for the apartment, but especially on a day when I was pondering feeling adrift on some other things, it was nice to have this moment of feeling of belonging.

"hear you me my friends; on sleepless roads the sleepless go, may angels lead you in"

People say they love polls, but I get more responses about Upper East Side hotels than about plans for my birthday. Sigh.

It's tempting to take thelastgoodname's suggestion about the World Cup final -- "it's not too late for you to buy tickets to Berlin and partake of the biggest party of the year and pretend it's all for YOU."

I think I will stay in town for my birthday, but I suppose I could still go to Europe later in the month -- do that traveling I couldn't afford to do while I was in Oxford.

Also: writercon? Yes? No? It would only necessitate taking a long weekend, which pleases me-who-gets-hives-at-the-thought-of-taking-time-off. I'd get to meet lunabee34, which is of the good, though I don't think I know anyone else who's going. [Oh, and it occurs to me that I could take some additional time off and visit people who live in the vague vicinity of Georgia... if anyone wanted me to.]

Edit: Oh, bugger... WriterCon is the weekend of Layna's housewarming party. /edit

Returning to the birthday party issue... Layna can only come if it's a Sunday. Meredith, you had previously voted for Friday... is Sunday amenable, or will I have to decide which of you I love more?


I miss people, but I feel weird calling 'cause I don't actually have anything to say to people.


I'm okay with the fact that I did very little this weekend besides sleep and read fanfic.

I toyed with reorganizing my HP recs grid by House, and while I shouldn't have been surprised that most everyone is in Gryffindor (I'd actually forgotten that Luna isn't) I hadn't realized that basically none of the Hufflepuffs get fleshed out enough to be ficced about. (I have read some fic about 'Puffs other than Cedric, but I haven't recced any of it.)

Also: juleskicks redid her website again. I hate having to go back and edit all the broken links on my recspages when someone does that -- especially when I just did that, for that same person, a few months ago. Plus I don't even like the way she redid it.

I know I've been reading too much a lot of Firefly fanfic when I go to unbutton my jeans to go to bed and have a moment of feeling like I'm Mal. My brain is weird; shuddup.


The highs this weekend were what, upper60s? I actually considered putting on long sleeves at one point this afternoon. This is love.


Okay, bed now. Hopefully with the actually sleeping. And if I could stop having the bizarro dreams I've been having recently? That would be an added bonus.