June 27th, 2006

hipster me

Why do sandals like to rip up my feet so much?

We only watched up until the credits yesterday but dude, Jake and Nog move in together.

I Googled to get the episode title and was amused to see this below the website results:
Google Groups results for jake and nog move in together
Jake and Nog..... Homosexual? - alt.tv.star-trek.ds9 - Sep 27, 1999
NEW DS9/VOY "Chakotay's Secret Passion" [NC-17] 0/1 - alt.startrek.creative.erotica. ... - Jan 27, 2005
B story downfall for Trek? - rec.arts.sf.tv - Aug 18, 1997
Collapse )

Poll #757109 party planning poll, take 2

Sunday, July 9 (birthday party)

I'll be there!
can't make it :(

weekend of Saturday, July 22

Layna's housewarming party!
hipster me

"I would seduce them and still it would not come" (Alanis)

The mini-fanmix meme going around, plus musesfool's usual, means I'm acquiring yet another boatload of music.  I still haven't listened to all the stuff my brother gave me and am not a big background music person period, so I kinda wonder what I'm doing downloading all this stuff.  I also feel like I should reciprocate the music-sharing-ness, but I have such a poor grasp of what I have, plus the aforementioned not-big-on-background-music-ness.  But if you wanna give it a shot....  (The meme is: "Comment with the name of a character [or pairing] in one of my fandoms, and I'll post you an instant mini-fanmix: 3-5 songs that remind me of that character. I'll upload the songs and everything."  Posting of comments and/or lyrics with the mixes is optional but certainly preferred for me anyway.)

For those of you following my whinge, my ice cream didn't quite hit the spot but I did get some ficwriting done, so that's of the good.

[And I'm considering del.icio.us yet again.  Still undecided on the WriterCon thing.  And pondering what to do for this birthday party I say I'm having.]

And it's not supposed to get as hot as it was today again until Saturday.  This is the biggest joy of the day.

P.S. It's like I'm back at college -- my mom sent me articles from Oprah magazine (which she gets secondhand from her boss's wife).  First mail I've gotten at the apartment that wasn't of my own instigation (USPS change of address, packages I ordered).