June 30th, 2006


"In a way, we're the same 2 people looking out to sea for a wave that would carry all our fantasies

Last night I was gonna post positive things to balance my rage, but I felt kinda like passing out instead (circa 9:30pm). And it was lovely cool breeze with thunder (or trucks/amateury fireworks... who knows). But of course, the longer I lay there the more awake I felt. So back to the computer.

Worked on some fic some more. I have _way_ too many pieces I'm interested in working on. I would _love_ to finish one each month, but that seems like too high a bar (I am lame, I know). I am trying to figure out the best way to motivate myself and keep myself on task. Posting (lists) to LJ? (Because publically posting something makes me feel hardcore obligated to do it -- hence my reticence to post about various plans.) Enlisting someone to talk me through any story trouble I'm having? I reject the reward system because I get distracted by wanting the reward and often cheat and take the reward anyway. I suppose I could post daily wordcounts, which would be like Option 1 but with less of the pressure to work on a specific piece (because I know my contrary nature would likely cause me to lose interest in a specific story if I publically obligated to working on it); though I feel superlame taking up postspace with daily wordcounts.

I suspect this will be met with silence as most of my recent calls for input have been, but so it goes.
i do it for the joy it brings

if you don't laugh, you'll cry

Okay, you don't wanna get involved in this "why is it that slash fanfiction seems to be the most well-written? Not to say there's no good het fics, and there's even the occasional femslash gem, but as a whole the best writers tend to be the slash ones" discussion [via musesfool, who says smart things] 'cause the stupid seems to outweight the measured, but this is a gem: "the more quirky, creative writers go for slash because it isn't Canon." All that het (and probably f/f -- since I suspect the commenter shares the original poster's definition of slash as m/m) you've read and written? Totally canon. Is your world not a better place for knowing that? [And the post was in an HP community, so we won't even get into the issues of writing m/m in canons where it is canon.]


Check out at the Ravinia is noon (as it most place, it occurs to me). I'm going to a panel during the first session on Sunday and am not excited about the remainder of the day but figure I could maybe hang out with people. So do I lug my stuff (which admittedly won't be much) around with me all day and get an evening flight back, or do I stay an additional night and go home on Monday?
full of grace, all the beauty just keeps shaking me

"give me walking shoes, feathered arms, and a key to heaven's gate"

Wow.  It was comfortably cool out this morning, pleasantly warm in the shade at lunch, still nice even in the sun when I walked to Teele circa 4:30pm, and positively lovely in my second-floor non-air-conditioned apartment.  I boggle at this.  So I am going to buy groceries, finish up the recs page update for tomorrow, work on a fic, and not think about any of the frustrations of today and just be happy.
big girl world

"excited and scared"

I forgot to mail my WriterCon registration check today, but tonight I booked my flight+hotel (yeah travelocity).

When ordering, I almost typed Prof.B's credit card expiry date out of habit.

And looking at the confirmation e-mails my brain automatically started to think of what other paperwork I needed to submit for reimbursement.

"You need a vacation." Shuddup.

So the next question is which WriterCon icon I should use ;)

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