July 5th, 2006


Tuesday, the Fourth of July (2006)

I fell asleep the first time I went to bed last night (c. 2:15).  And I woke up at a civil hour (c. 8:30).  (Which gives one so much more time in one's day off.)

I'm having my period.  Plus I think the humidity is higher than it has been.  I was v. glad to spend time in the ac-ed Galleria.  (Which, btw, not intuitive from Lechmere.  But a whole passel of people got off so I followed them, and my trust was not misplaced.)

I got some shirts at Sears.  I was so tired of trying on clothes, though, that then I just got lunch and sat outside in the light rain and read while my tummy settled.  (Sakiko Japan, Vegetarian D'lite -- $3.09 + 0.45 for fried rice... v. filling, though it tasted like there was peanut sauce which I thought they should have warned for.)

It was more sunny humid when I came back to my apartment.  Le sigh. So glad to be going back to work in the ac.

I was totally gonna do laundry now that I'd done all my long weekend shopping, but it was closed* :(  I disapprove. 
*As was most everything else.  Broadway was so much quieter than usual.

I seem to have acquired a whole lot of errands to do... after 4 days of doing stuff.  Does that seem right to you?

I wrote my last Fireworks ficlet:
+ HP, Hermione/McGonagall, 498 words [8:34pm]

Oh!  In the ladies room at South Station around noon, guess who I saw?  The girl from the Franklin GSA!  (Whose name totally escapes me, unfortunately.  And here I was sure I'd LJed it.  Jamie?)  She said her friends were waiting for her to go to the Hatch Shell, so she couldn't stay, but we did the mutual "good to see you" thing.

I'm really not big on societally obligated days of thinking/feeling anything (also known as: holidays) and obviously patriotic stuff is even more complicated.  But in the interest of getting some air, I went to see the fireworks tonight.  I haven't been in years -- since really it makes much more sense to watch them on tv.  I had a good view, and while the fireworks didn't blow me away, I was reminded of how much I enjoy fireworks.  Like, they just make me happy.

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Ari recced John McCutcheon's "Our Flag Was Still There" (scroll down here for .mp3).

My mom e-mailed me:
On this weekend's July 4th episode of Praire Home Companion, they did poetry reading, and Meryl Streep read "What I learned from my mother." I love that poem, and it always brings me to tears.


I was proud to hear this poem that I thought was obscure read by Meryl Streep, Famous Person (who was quite lovely on the show).
She quoted part of the poem in her e-mail and bolded the part that goes "and once you know how to do this, you can never refuse."  I don't think the power of that line ever really hit me the previous times I've read the poem.  One could talk religious or political and even weave in post-"Chosen", but I'm just going to let the poem be.

weather.com says it's 73F with 87% humidity.

Birthday + WriterCon + Fireworks roundup

My birthday is this Sunday (July 9). Come for a lazy hangout at my apartment that afternoon. (And pray for decent weather -- by which we mean low humidity, as I have no ac. ::watches everyone suddenly make other plans::)
Layna, can you bring Apples to Apples?
Everyone is free to bring board games, other people, etc.
I'll be making fruit salad and getting chips+guac on Saturday. Suggestions/offerings of other edibles welcome.
Let me know if you need directions (or, ya know, just an address ;) ).
Please let me know if you're driving. We have a driveway, but it's not _that_ big, so if you could come by T that would be great. (There's probably a bus from Alewife, is definitely one from Davis -- or you can walk from Davis.)

Who's doing tonight's WriterCon chat?

(P.S. Sharon, this answers y/our capslock question ;) )

Yay for updated schedule of events (complete with descriptions). Yes I am a huge planner ahead.

I am telling myself I don't need to do a dry run of Silver Line to Logan.

Fireworks: The Fourth of July Femslash Porn Battle

+ WaT, Sam Spade/Elena Delgado ("Some After Hours Cleanup" - Ink) 717 words [1 July; 3:33am]
+ BSC, Mary Anne/Janine ("mistakes made by another in another lifetime" - ancient history) 507 words [1 July; 3:25pm]
+ HP, McGonagall/Luna/Hermione ("shattered pieces speak" - redaction) 308 words [1 July; 8:59pm]
+ BSC, Stacey/Charlotte ("And Her Strawberry Shampoo" - delicious) 224 words [2 July; 1:40am]
+ WaT, Sam Spade/Elena Delgado ("A Cool Breath on a Hot Day" - Cool) 493 words [2 July; 10:29pm]
+ BSC, Claudia/Stacey ("Opening Night Jitters" - disrobe) 413 words [3 July; 9:54pm]
+ HP, Luna/Fleur ("The Ace of Cups" - fortune-teller) 380 words [4 July; 12:42am]
+ HP, Hermione/McGonagall ("the story of how hard we tried" - heat) 498 words [4 July, 8:34pm]

Total Ficlets: 8
Fandoms: 3
Pairings: 6 (and a threesome)
Word Length Range: 224-717
Total Word Count: 3545

I, for one, am very impressed. When's the last time I wrote 3thousand words of _anything_ (ficwise)?

And I wrote pairings I'd never thought of (and wrote them well) as well as pairings I already liked. And I don't think I did much of telling the same story just with different names.

Fics will be posted (backdated) to the ficjournal at some point, and up on the website for next month's update.