July 6th, 2006


"stop, hey, what's that sound, everybody look what's going down"

This should have been posted earlier, but I finally got IRC to work um, ~3 hours ago now; wow (thanks to harmonyfb for getting me to the right channel), so I got distracted with WriterCon.  P.S. chrisjournal=awesome.  "Chances are that you will run into someone who will say "just crash on my floor" in order to continue the conversation ;-)  I will check with HI and see if they will shuttle in the wee hours, too.  If not, we'll get a cab company alerted."  And upon hearing my LJ name, cissasghostSonya said, "Oh, you're Hermionesviolin - on LJ?  Did you do a post that was a collection of all known Inara/Kaylee fic?"  I am not used to being famous.  (Though I could get used to it ;) )  With speakingsilenceElizaShaw around, I may have to change my IRC nick.  This ES1/2 thing is confusing.  HV is much more distinctive (though, er, now I look like an STD).  Plus, apparently IRC has a character limit, so I'm "ElizabethScriptur" which is kinda weird.

Chat can be difficult with multiple people typing in real time (and it doesn't have the AIM feature where you can "see" that someone is typing and thus take a pause yourself.)  But it is a really good way to get a feel for a few individuals at a time.  I foresee friending frenzies.  (Though, PSA: I post copiously and will be in no way offended if you don't friend me.  And please don't be offended if I don't friend _you_.  Though always feel free to comment on my LJ.)

Oh and I chatted one-on-one with agilebrit after everyone else had gone to bed.


It was a good day even before that.

Mary Alice complimented me on my shirt (the red one with the flowers along the collar).  She noted that it was more casual than what I usually wear, and I explained that I need to do laundry.  We were all in agreement that it was appropriate for work (esp. during the summer) though.  (I wouldn't have worn it otherwise.)

UnitHead's up in Maine but called and said he's up there working: "Don't think of me as being on vacation; think of me as being at work 300 miles away."

Prof.B., on the other hand, is on a "remote island off the coast of Maine" with his family, says he has to go to the library for Internet and hasn't done so yet, that he called and asked their hours and got the response:  "I think, Tuesday through Thursday;" v. lowkey.  So phone is the way to reach him.  The media called, and when I talked to him he said,  "I think you handled that just right," which made me happy.

I e-mailed J&B to let them know I'd be taking time off.  J e-mailed me back: "Great, you deserve it! Just let me know if you need a temp.  :)"  Cute.

The weather was _so_ much better than yesterday (Tuesday).  Cooler and drier.

After work I went to CVS, FoodMaster, and the laundromat; it was after 8pm when I finally got to make dinner.  But I now have clean clothes (and I will soon have an iron and an ironing board), and toiletpaper, and yellow bananas! (the apples weren't so good, but I managed to find what look like fairly good ones, so hopefully it's a fair trade)... and lots of other stuff.

Having a party in my apartment before my actual housewarming feels weird ('cause it's like the housewarming is supposed to introduce people to your new abode), but I miss people (even though it's looking like only 4 people will be in attendance).


jennyo talked about the fannish breakdown of Fireworks, and BSC is #8 in the top 10 -- 3/7 of which were mine.  ::dances::  The masterlist is here; so weird to see my name so many times.

[Also: the ficpost hit 8 pages of comments -- double the number of pages of prompts.]

And there is talk of a g-rated battle upcoming.  ::is excited::  like FemGen, only with less stress!


My dad e-mailed me:
Subject: What am I sending you from Volokh?
Body: Not about a recent Supreme Court decision.  Not about gay marriage.  Not about ...

video, W.S. on G.L.

Okay, Shatner is absolutely crazy, but sometimes he's kind of awesome, as evidenced here.
not that innocent [purple_smurf]

"Came in from a rainy Thursday on the avenue" [It's actually getting sunny.]

In followup research after lunch today, I learned:

(a) sherbet and sherbert are both acceptable spellings (and pronunciations), though sans r seems to be primary [citation]
(b) Life as a House has an autoerotic asphyxiation scene. This makes me really wanna see the movie (which I think I wanted to see when it first came out, actually) even though breathplay is one of the kinks I least grok.

I'm about as bad at explaining BDSM as I am at explaining poly, but I heart that I have the opportunity to attempt (even though I hate that I do such a poor job). And when AEA came up? My first thought was totally to wonder whether CSI had done an episode on that. (6.02 "Room Service")