July 10th, 2006

crackomgbbq, dawn

"I'm out of vogue, I'm out of touch; I fall too fast, I feel too much"

The Class of 1959 Chapel at HBS is the strangest chapel I've ever seen. Edit after Googling for links: official page; scroll down for official photo; amateur photo /edit

Eric walked in (c. 9:31am), turned to my desk, said "Happy Birthday," and continued on his way down the hall.  He'd been working two jobs (first floor and my floor -- the fourth floor), so I was honestly impressed he stopped to acknowledge me at all.

RA (back from a week plus in California): "Was yesterday your birthday?"
Me: "Yes."
RA: Would like me to take you out for lunch tomorrow?
Faboo.  She then asked about getting people together (Alyssa, Cailin, ...); I told her Alyssa, Eric, and Mary Alice had taken me out on Friday.  So we'll go out just the two of us.  Dude, being the birthday girl rocks.
(I'm tempted to pick Uno's so I can get a sangria, but she's paying, so I feel like that would be inappropriate.  Like how I totally elided the issue of lunchtime alcohol on a workday? ;)  I'm thinking Bertucci's; maybe even complete with dessert, which I didn't get to have last time.  That would definitely be more than an hour lunch, but Prof.B. is off on his remote island so I think it'll be okay.)

Me [after a conversation suddenly became about my relative amount of desk space]: "When did this become all about me?"
Eric: "It's always all about you, Elizabeth."

Turns out Eric's up to 3 jobs now.  [John's replacement apparently didn't last, so now Eric's directly below me.  During lunch he was saying I should tap on my floor in Morse Code.]

Eric: "Do you have a gun?"
Me: "Uh, no.  ["meep" face]  I'll take you out for a drink after work, though."
Me: "I'm serious; I'll take you out for a drink after work."
Eric: "Actually, I have to go home right after work today because I need to do laundry.  This [gestures] is the only shirt I have left."
Me: "Okay.  I'll take you out after work tomorrow."
Eric: "Okay."

I was really surprised.  And I don't hold out hope that he'll still let me, come tomorrow, but we shall see.

I am reminded that I am such a nurturer.  Which I know is totally at odds with my hate-the-world bitch persona (which is hardly just a persona; it's v. much a part of me).  I think it's basically that when I fall for people I fall hard (and I use this to mean not exclusively romantic/sexual attraction, though I'll be the first to admit that the distinction is often v. bluury), but most people don't make the cut.

I put LaunchCast on near the end of the day, and after Jann Arden's "Insensitive" (which I love SO MUCH), Ani's "hide and seek" came on.  Way to make me cry, people.  Both the song itself and the nostalgia factor (living in clip!).  "this isn't really a song; it's more like a little zygote of a song"


Showed the apartment tonight.  Red head named Emily.  (OriginalRoomie says Vera, the girl who sounded like she was totally going to take it, found a better place.)  She's checking out another place on Thursday (I think) but she was a big fan of the apartment and seems like she'd be a really good fit.  (I have ceased to get my hopes up or worry or anything re: this whole need-third-roomie thing; am just operating on the assumption that It Will All Work Out.  OriginalRoomie says she's showing it to 3 different people tomorrow night.)  Edit: (10:35pm) OriginalRoomie just knocked on my door, says we have ourselves a roommate. This girl Michelle from New York, whom she's spoken with (via both e-mail and phone) but never met. So she'll be sending a check shortly, and OriginalRoomie will be forwarding me her e-mails so I can get a better idea of who she is. This does make me feel better about planning an apartment-warming (Sarah's visit could be relocated to my parents' house if necessary no big). Emily seemed really cool, so I'm sad about losing that (though maybe she wouldn't have taken it -- since no one else has) and I worry that Michelle will be a bad housemate, but we shall see. Edit the second: Upon reflection (yeah, all of twenty minutes, I know), I find that it feels weird to not be in this liminal space I've been inhabiting, even though surety is what I want(ed). /edit

Walking home from the T, the last street before Broadway I saw two women holding a MapQuest printout.  They were headed for Sterling -- which is off of North, so I told them they could just walk with me, and we chatted a bit.
"We live on the worst line."
"Do you live on the B-Line?"
Yeah, it's pretty awesome how I knew that.