July 13th, 2006

love you

"My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard"

Have I mentioned recently how much I love Joe?

Yeah, probably not 'cause he's hella busy and I'm never on AIM (though this is less true than it used to be).  Can you believe it's been 4 years?  [Edit: No, 5; my math was right the first time.]  I've been busy enough with my own life to not be too piney about the fact that we haven't been in touch, and then tonight he IMs me, v. in media res (though we did have a conversation fairly recently -- though I apparently missed at least one important memo) and it feels perfectly natural (because this is how we operate), and he is so comfortingly the same.

He's signed on for another year at Tulane, so maybe I'll get down to visit him next year.  And how good is it to hear that you're missed?  I was reminded of Allie and Rebecca.... that somehow we have this love even though we so rarely talk.

"Oh my love, Oh my love / Take this waltz, take this waltz / It's yours now. It's all that there is"

Who totally used up some of her leftover sangria in the hopes of aiding her falling asleep? Yeah, baby. And then I saw Days of Wine and Smut Buffyverse Ficathon, which MasterList I'll be interested to read.

I think Saturday, August 12 is a definite for my apartment-warming. My brother's moving back to college the following weekend (plus Layna wouldn't be available, though Kate won't be available for this date :( ). Jonah hasn't replied to my e-mail, but I think he'll be back from MHC . And if not, well we've established that this date-setting is an exercise in compromise. So now I'm stressing about whom to invite. 'Cause there are people I work with and people I haven't talked to much since high school and I wanna err on the side of inviting people who won't come rather than excluding people, but I don't wanna be awkward. Also, I'm thinking of evite-ing (with hardcopies to Norwood peoples). Thoughts?

I also need to do some serious unpacking/organizing/decorating. And find out when NewRoomie is moving in (and when we're signing the new lease). And buy a futon mattress (input appreciated, y'all). And get my act together for WriterCon. And tomorrow is the last day of my at-work "vacation." How did that happen? I was supposed to get all this personal work done. I have learned a heat wave is imminent, so I may end up doing del.icio.us this weekend anyhow since I won't have the capability for anything more thinking-involved. (Well yes, having 2 days off off the first week helped. But still. Oh, and I was helping Eric with stuff; so that helped pass the time as well. I was realizing today, though, that I have gotten totally out of the habit of doing work. I made myself get a couple things taken care of, though, and once I actually have someone in the office giving me stuff to do I'll be fine.) Oh, and I wanna visit Kate in Salem. And I'm still undecided about seeing Pirates 2 in theatres, though I hear Havard Loews has $5 showings starting 10 days after opening night. ::ponders attempting to drag Eric::

Poll #768600 apartment-warming party

If I have a party on Saturday, August 12, will you come?

i do it for the joy it brings

"Because what's love but an itch we can't scratch, a joke we can't catch, but still we laugh"

So, I actually talked to both Joe and Cat on IM last night.  It is good to be loved.  Earlier that day, I was -- yet again -- wanting someone to make out with.  It is good to be reminded of how fulfilling the platonic loves I have are.  "World Falls", yo.

And Barbara had biscuits.  And she's British, so this meant chocolate.  [That was mid-morning.  Mid-afternoon she had Restaurant Associates cookies from Mal.]

Field trip to McArthur for a signature.  I shouldn't be surprised that it reminds me of a posh hotel since it is where we house the ExecEd participants, but still.

Eric is down to just the one job, though apparently he isn't staying for keeps (one of the profs wants to keep him, but J+B say can't and he doesn't want to anyway; maybe he'll be back up here when Laura goes on maternity leave?) and he even has downtime sometimes.

From an e-mail conversation:
Me: What’s your middle initial stand for anyway?
Eric: Too Tired to try and think of something inTelligent
Its actually Thomas
Me: Thomas is a good name.
Eric: Not as cool as like Triceratops or Tracheotomy.  Now those are cool middle names.
Me: ::laughs::  If we ever have kids I’ll let you choose the middle names.
Sadly, this was the end of our conversation.  But really, are we surprised I'm a little bit more in love each day?

Got an epic e-mail from Emma.  You know how sometimes you forget just how much you love somebody?  Yeah.

As long as we laugh out loud - Laugh like we're mad - Cause this crazy, mixed up beauty is all that we have