July 17th, 2006


pre-WriterCon to do list:

+ decide what exactly I'm bringing and how/if to fit that in one carryon
+ read archive fics by people I've chatted with
+ print out own fics for hard copy binder at Con [Edit: That would be for the fic library.]
+ make sure to have everything else printed out (flight info, restaurant guide, etc.) and packed/accessible
+ decide what exactly I'm packing to wear (remind self it's only 3 days, plus traveling on Thursday)
+ specifically: shoes for cocktail dress
+ handwash anything that needs it (and is being brought)
+ Wednesday night: laundry and packing
+ write Author Bio for WriterCon archive

Anything I'm neglecting?

I also feel like I should sent out apartment-warming invites this week, but don't want to (a) stress over that on top of everything else, (b) be out of town immediately after sending them, since most of them will be evites.