July 27th, 2006

moon house

"The Body of Christ compelled her."

Walking home tonight, there was this man and woman in front of me.  The woman asked the man if he went to church.  He said he did when his mom said they had to because they were with grandma, which is once a year.  She said she loves going to church.  He asked her what she gets out of it.  She says a feeling of community, and tradition.  She said she went to church last week, with her Jewish friend, to Trinity Episcopal -- the big deal church by Copley.  They talked about Communion and she said taking Communion makes her feel so comfortable.  This is of course in great contrast to how I feel around taking Communion.  The talk about community and tradition reminded me of sk8eeyore and others.  They turned onto Endicott Ave. so I did not get to hear the rest of their conversation.

I have lots to say about The Last Days of Judas Iscariot*, of course, but sleep is good and I just wanted to write down that story before I forgot.

*N.B. They lie; the program says 2:45 plus a 10-minute intermission, which is more accurate.  We started fairly soon after 7:30 and ended at 10:35.  Just an FYI for your planning, if you go.
moon house

Do I really want to have a housewarming party in August?

My intended housewarming party date is two weeks from this Saturday (which in a few hours will be "two weeks from tomorrow").

This is feeling less and less like a good idea.

I am definitely ready for the autumn weather, and not having AC might be a serious problem for having people over -- esp. a lot of people.

I had wanted to have it in the summer before people went back to school, but this is fast becoming a moot point.  Kate will be in NC that weekend, Fefe will I think still be in England, I haven't talked to Hilary in ages, and now Jonah might not be able to come.  Everyone else is either still gonna be here in September or is elsewhere this summer anyhow.

Two weeks is really soon.  Esp. since I have plans for both prior weekends.  (It's also a short time for people to be able to plan, esp. for the postal mail invitations.)

There's also a lack of furniture etc. since OtherRoomie is in the process of moving out, but NewRoomie isn't moving in until mid-August (the week following the potential housewarming party).

So should I change my plan to September and relieve some of my stress?  The heat is really the biggest factor, but the stress factor is creeping up there as other surprises come up in my life.