July 28th, 2006

Darla - love a good view

My Cousin Vinny (1992)

My Cousin Vinny is one of the many movies I have had never seen, and Eric and Mary Alice insisted I must see it. We we didn't have anything to do today, so the fact that it's 120 minutes was okay.

I could really do without the first hour or so, though the jail cell scene when Vinny first shows up is pretty great.

Marisa Tomei on the witness stand was, as promised, made of awesome (though my colleagues did not use that exact phrase). I wanted to have sex with her. [I know, I know; shuddup.]

She was apparently in In the Bedroom, which I think is on my list. Speaking of disturbing, Eric mentioned KIDS, which I don't think is on my list. (On another level of disturbing, Eric was watching I Dream of Jeannie on DVD on his computer when we went to get him for lunch -- he is like the definition of bored at this new position -- and I couldn't help but think of I Dream of Jenna; arrrgyle has ruined me. I never really watched the show, so it's not like this is a major problem; it's just sort of inappropriate.)

Edit: Oh, and watching Perry White was making me wanna watch Lois and Clark again. /edit

P.S. I'm not a huge fan of the new IMDb with all the pictures.

Ask me why my refrigerator smells like bleach. Go ahead, ask me.

This was supposed to be a post about shopping.

I meant to go to Sleep-a-Rama (yes I have been monitoring this post) after work, but I forgot.  I just want some sort of mattress to put on the approx. 51x66 fold-in-three wooden futon palette thing (so I guess I want a full size) that got left in my room so my overnight guests have sleep options other than permanent cuddlesliut (i.e. sleeping in my bed).  Why is it so difficult to find this and not spend a fortune?  (Hmm, poking at the website, maybe this?  What do people think is an appropriate thickness?)

I did go to the Cambridgeside Galleria.

Last time I went to Basic Body or whatever it's called I got a couple 38D's that I actually liked.  They keep slipping though, and at first I thought it was 'cause I have no shoulders, but I've begun to think it's also that even at its tightest the band isn't snug enough.  I tried on some 36D's, though, and even at their loosest they felt too tight.  This is not inspiriting me to want to continue to bother with this.

NewRoomie neither has nor wants a tv, so I went to Best Buy.  I'm thinking about this.  Must ask brudder.  (Am open to flist input as well, of course.)

Although she would not have passed Meredith's rigorous screening process ;) she did win points with me for "do you ladies already have  enough dishes/glasses/bowls/etc? wondering if i should leave my kitchen  stuff here or take it with me."  [I was encouraging in my reply, so she said, " ok. i'll bring all of my kitchen stuff and then, whatever we don't need, i will just drive back to new york."]  In response to the possible new living room furniture: "i would totally love to have living room furniture so if there's not any now, i think it would be great to get that furniture from your mom's friend. i don't really care what it looks like."

I picked up 87/88/69 bus schedules at Lechmere.  Woot.  (I am forever using the Trip Planner, which is fine but I would like to not have to jot down all possible return times when I'm going somewhere.)

Earlier this week I was hearing about scattered thunderstorms from Wednesday-Saturday, so I've been bringing my umbrella to work.  I saw/heard no rain until I was waiting for the bus home.  The heavens opened during the ride, with intense thunder and lightning and torrential rain.  It tapered by the time I got off, though.  I would have gone to FoodMaster regardless, though, because last I checked we were on our last roll of toilet paper, and before I left for WriterCon OriginalRoomie said she would buy t.p. next time (I don't think anyone else has bought it since I moved in) but then she busted her ankle, so I'll grant her special dispensation.  (It's five bucks for a 24-pack of 2-ply, and it's not like this is something you're not going to use, but whatever.  ::shakes head and moves on::)

I bought a box of Pop-Ice (a Fla-Vor-Ice knock-off) at CVS, so when I got home I went to put it in the fridge (I still have Fla-Vor-Ice in the freezer).  I saw some dark goop on the shelf.  It was next to a ketchup packet, so I tossed the packet and attacked the goop with a paper towel.  Upon closer inspection, I found the goop all over the place.  I suspected it came from the giant can of pineapple juice that's been sitting which I promptly chucked into the garbage.  I nearly threw up a little in my mouth, may never be able to watch Pirates of Dark Water again, and was seized with the desire to just soak it all in bleach.  Tilex Mold&Mildew was the first spray bottle at hand (OriginalRoomie keeps us well stocked with cleaning supplies) and I ended up taking apart the entire fridge as it had dripped down to between the crisper drawers.  The various shelves could use some cleaning anyway (I've been cleaning them off-and-on, but since they're not perfectly smooth surface they're a pain to clean) so that was my "look on the bright side."

I forget when exactly I got home, but I know I called my mom ('cause I had to talk to somebody) around 20 minutes of 8 and I think I was already in dismantling-the-fridge mode.  Putting the fridge back together was possibly my least favorite part of the whole endeavour (I really should have paid more attention to how everything fit together when I was taking it apart) but now I feel very accomplished.  And to think my mom would always say (only half-jokingly) she was sending me out into the world without any real world skills ;)

Around 8:30 I remembered that I had orginally intended to have dinner when I got home.  Around 9:00 I broke down and scarfed a bagel.  Then I finished, took out the trash, and came back and had an apple.  I have since had a banana and much of a bag of almonds as well.  I know you're shocked that I didn't up and make dinner after all that.

Edit: And then my phone was telling me "Unable to Charge" and now it's just sitting there with no battery display at all and not responding to my sticking the charger in. wtf? (This is actually upsetting me much more than the refrigerator did.)

Edit2 the next day: And my phone seems to have managed to charge itself overnight. Glad to not have to head out to a store, though a little on edge that this will happen again.

Edit3: Saturday evening it died again, and it seems to have stayed that way. I am not pleased.