July 30th, 2006

hermione by oatmilk

"my art's not built like that"

In response to my Friday night post, Michaela said, "Good grief woman! You have certainly been busy. [...] Where do you find the energy?"
This made me laugh because I think of myself as lazy in a lot of ways.

And yet....

Things I did this weekend:

+ slept for ~11 hours
+ Swiffered my room and the bathroom some [but did not go through my boxes any]
+ went to the LaundroMat [but did not do any of my handwash]
+ remembered that Tuesday = first of the month = site update, and thus worked on the update some
+ went up to Chelsea to see a play
+ couldn't think of what to do with my River/Lilah/Dawn, so started sketching out a "Faith takes Buffy to visit Boston" fic [yeah, now I'm wishing I'd gone to some of those Craft panels at WriterCon -- though Writer's Block conflicted with Chosen Family, and Plot conflicted with Magic+Science+Technology]

+ did grocery shopping
+ went to CambridgeSide Galleria because my phone was still dying and not charging [I now have a new phone.]
+ visited Kate in Salem
+ e-mailed Sarah about this weekend

And I still have a towering To Do List. Because lazy does not preclude ambitious (not to mention detail-oriented).