August 2nd, 2006


Power Outage, Ergo PhonePost: Installment Two

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Update: Shortly after I posted, OriginalRoomie knocked on my door 'cause she wanted to call the electric company and her phone was broken. They didn't have anything useful to say. She was all worried that the food I had in the fridge would go bad, whereas it hadn't occurred to me not to assume that the power would be back within twelve hours. I figured the city grid had just overloaded due to everyone blasting fans, air-conditioners, etc.

I think I fell asleep around 2:30. I woke up around 5 to the sound of a guy pounding on a door yelling "Let me in." I was actually scared, though I kept telling myself it had to be the house next door (which OriginalRoomie said it was when we talked in the morning). I woke up shortly before 7 and got up about 10 minutes later. OriginalRoomie went to use the bathroom before I took my shower -- bitching about how the "bastards" hadn't turned our electricity back on yet. Shut door, cue Whoomp! of electricity coming back on. She joked that she should buy a lottery ticket today.

So yeah, that's my story. Time to work now. Oh, and my stomach's been feeling oogie since sometime last night, which I'm not pleased about. 'Cause I know you care.
ball failure

Family Guy: The Movie (2005)

That was fun for the most part. The scene at the beginning when the family is getting out of the limo at the premiere? Might have been funnier if I had been able to hear all the lines, but I think probably it was funniest as it was -- i.e., with Eric more hysterical than I have ever seen him.

"Ah, he is so right on. Women are such teases. That's why I went back to men." = best line


"You're drunk."
"You're sexy."

"Hey Quagmire, isn't there an 'o' in 'country'?"
professional me, self

I really like Jewel's Goodbye Alice in Wonderland album, but the lyrics are primarily very down.

I don't have living room furniture.  I had been lax about getting back to Rachel both because I suck and because I wasn't super-excited about the furniture.  I knew it would be in v. good condition -- which was a major seller -- but I just wasn't feeling highly motivated to jump on the furniture (er, figuratively speaking).  So now I have to go find a real couch.  Building 19 had some ones that really interested me, so maybe I'll arrange a trip home for next week.  (And I have every intention of roping Terry and his truck into helping the following week when he's on vacation.)

Today I chatted with soundingsea (via LJ comments) about Spike/Dawn, River/Jayne, and Rogue/Wolverine.  I also read her Con writeup and I, who am so disinclined to dance, got namechecked for my dancing stamina :)

Florian said he thought it was drier today than yesterday, and when I left work I found I thought he was right.  I took myself out to dinner at Qdoba again.  The MFA is open 10 am-9:45 pm Wednesday-Friday, so that was my original plan for the night, but I was hanging out on those benches on the way from Northeastern while on the phone and there was a breeze and the sky was that impending-storm dark and it was really very lovely.  I knew it wouldn't be as nice back in my apartment, but I had forgotten to bring a book and was getting antsy to get stuff done and so I came home.  And it's really not that bad, now that I've had some time to cool down and am sitting in front of a fan wearing just a nightshirt.

I had a less than fifteen-minute phone conversation with Terry tonight, and nothing of import was said (is there ever?) and given the background noise it was often a frustrating (for me) conversation because I couldn't make out what he was saying, and yet after we hung up I was just filled with joy.  I am so easy.

I took the Curtis Street route home tonight, and I may do that more often because it's so lovely and residential.  (And who knew there's a Presbyterian church so nearby?  I'll have to check that out some Sunday.)