August 6th, 2006


Happy Weekend: the writeup

So, when last we left our heroine (i.e., me) was heading off to Stanhope.  I was walking through the campus to the bus stop and it was sunny and there might have been the smell of freshly cut grass and I was reminded of nothing so much as walking across Smith campus late in a spring semester.  So much love.

And then I realized I'd forgotten to take with me the mounted photos we were getting framed.  ::facepalm::

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I walked back to Harvard ('cause damned if I was paying bus fare when it was that close; I know Central's walkable from Maria's place, but I only did it the once with Meg so I wasn't about to try it with no directions) and headed to South Station to meet sk8eeyore's bus.  Poor dear ended up delayed by about two hours :(  But she did arrive safely, and we made it back to my apartment without incident.  And she'd brought me "Divine" chocolate from the YDS store (I have not yet sampled it to confirm or deny its claims) and the Spring 2006 issue of Reflections (the YDS magazine, this issue's theme: "Sex and the Church").


Our day started with walking around Harvard Square.*  We walked to HBS -- though I don't have after-hours access, so we couldn't actually get in anywhere, but it's still a pretty campus -- and then back to the Square and walked along Mass. Ave and Mount Auburn.

* Edit: I forgot to mention, we took the scenic route from the apartment to the T station because we walked along Powderhouse and missed the Curtis St. turn so we just walked until the road hits Broadway and then doubled back that way. So from the get-go it was a mega-walking day. /edit

Next was Copley for the 10,000 Joans exhibit at BPL.  Ten thousand seemed an overstatement, but it was a nice exhibit.  My favorites were totally two of the trading cards (yeah, I know, tobacco cards or whatever) -- one was like superhero! Jeanne d'Arc and the other one was like chibi! Jeanne d'Arc.

We learned that Trinity Church has free guided tours after Sunday service at 12:15 but otherwise you have to pay.

We also looked at the cows, of course.  I even dragged Sarah to the Pru to see Make Way for Calflings.  What happened to the calflings?  The Mommy Cow is totally not as cool without them.  My suspicion is that they got stolen, which makes me sad.  We had lunch at the Food Court and when were finally read to move again headed to the MFA for the Collapse ).

I would like to see Sargent, Chase, Cassatt: Master Paintings from a Private Collection at some point, but we were both very tired, so we didn't.  We spent a solid hour in Americans in Paris and had been walking around all day.  I love Laura McPhee: River of No Return but wasn't up for showing it to someone.  So after the Islamic calligraphy we looked at some of the ancient exhibits and then just sat for a while.  We found Holy Trinity Orthodox Cathedral no problem.  And I got to do more of my piecing together of Boston's geography.  I sort of knew that's where Simmons was but am not sure I had ever realized how close the Gardner is to the MFA.  P.S. Everybody's going to library school at Simmons.  Yes, I totally bumped into Liz Lerner the other day.  I also bumped into Erika and Petra a few days earlier [not going to library school, just more of the Smith connection].  And yesterday on the Red Line while wearing my Celebration t-shirt a woman seated across from us leaned over and asked, "Are you a Smith student?"  She was an album (had a Smith College Family Weekend October 2000 totebag; I don't remember tote bags from when I was there).

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We came back to new interior stairs in my apartment.  I knew a guy was gonna be coming to take off the carpet, but I hadn't realized just how different it would look.  Very nice.


Friday night it wasn't really cuddle-together weather, but Saturday night it really cooled down -- I woke up in the morning a bit chilled. (I was sleeping on top of my sheets.)  W00t.

We went to church at College Avenue United Methodist Church.  It's off of College Ave., the first time I'd been up in that area since hedy and I went to "HomoCon" (tm her).  Ah, memories.  It was also nice to get a better feel for how stuff fit together geographically.

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sk8eeyore appeared to depart without incident.  She really enjoyed Boston, and I had a really nice time with her.  She said it would be great if I had a Monday off sometime and could come attend classes with her at YDS.  Now that I'm no longer FA to a Course Head ( ::does a little dance:: ) I bet it would totally be possible for me to take a Monday off and go down for a weekend -- go to St. John's with her on Sunday, go to classes on Monday, then come home.  (And man, not having to accommodate commuter rail schedules makes out-of-towning so much easier.)