August 7th, 2006

hermione by oatmilk

boredom leads to fandom

The most recent thing seems to be posting breakdowns of one's fic based on Where do you get your fic titles from?

I think of myself as stealing song lyrics, esp. Ani lyrics, but in going through my fics I found that was far more common in my early fic and that mostly I have very boring titles. The latter is not surprising, as I'm awful at coming up with titles (and teasers/summaries).

I am not up for posting a full list with titles and links (though I will if asked) but here's the breakdown:

lyrics: 14
Ani DiFranco = 6
Indigo Girls = 2
Tegan and Sara = 2
other = 4

literary allusions: 4

episode titles: 3
canon lines: 4

other: 42

total: 67 (!!! Most of them are drabbles/ficlets, but still, I am surprised and impressed, even though lots of them are probably shamefully bad. Wow, I've been writing fic for going on three years. Won't be three years until this Christmas, but still.)


I skipped reading the MsScribe thang, but I got sucked into reading [well, a lot of skimming] the Cassandra Claire one 'cause I'd actually heard of her (had heard good things about her work when I was first in fandom and had been vaguely meaning to read some of her work; had managed to miss all the plagiarism discussion before now).

[Edited to include links.]


I have no idea where Prof.B. is, but I don't need him for anything so that's okay. And Eric is actually having lunch here today. And someone brought in Caramel deLites (Girl Scout cookies).
big girl world

That was blessedly painless.

NewRoomie wants Internet by the time school starts up (she's gonna be at the Fletcher School at Tufts) and is willing to wait for the cable people on the 17th/18th. I called RCN after work today and can get a basic cable + high-speed Internet package for $64/mo, which seems very reasonable to me. They'll be coming to install (free) on the 17th. Now I just have to decide on a tv :) [And I need to get a tv stand of some sort 'cause the one currently residing in the living room is wobbly and weak, so for a tv/dvd/vcr it's not gonna fly. That'll be a craigslist project for tomorrow.]
hermione by oatmilk

"Polis": a "structured social body" (from John Howard Yoder, viii)

[Their listserv is CAUMC -- College Avenue United Methodist Church -- but at least for now, "United Methodist" is more intuitive to me in my tagging.  Ah, decisions.  (And huzzah for the rename function.) ]

I went to the book study tonight.  First reaction was that "dinner" was weak (sandwiches, potato salad, some fruit) but I really should have learned by now not to expect a filling dinner from evening book studies. Trelawney also said that they've had about 25 people come and go and I'm the first person who's been a vegetarian, which given that this is Somerville surprised me.

Dinner probably took under an hour.  Trelawney had decided to start on a new book, but as introduction we read this NYT articleCollapse )

There was some good discussion, though we wrapped after about an hour.  [I have thoughts and notes to type up, but sleep is gonna trump that tonight.]  Apparently they close with affirmations -- you affirm each other person who's there (can be as superficial as "I like your shirt," which is actually what Marcy said for me; I said I loved her sandals) and also yourself.  I was reminded of Check-In/Check-Out at Tangent.  There were 8 of us tonight and it took about 45 minutes.  I wasn't a big fan of the idea 'cause honesty is such a Thing for me so I worried about being able to come up with something true for everybody, but I was the 5th person to go so I got to be sort of eased into it, and I do appreciate the positivity.  (I was reminded of joy sadhana, of course.)

Trelawney talked about meeting me on Sunday and how I was so easy to talk to and how she felt like she was giggling the whole time and something about me being a good conversationalist, which I laughed at internally because I felt like she dominated our conversation that day (though I certainly enjoyed our conversation a lot).  Seth said I seemed very observant, which surprised me because I wasn't even taking notes, and also about mentioned that I seem very intelligent, referencing my apparent knowledge from various comments I had made at dinner.  I told Meredith (yes, another one) she seemed really cool, and I also loved that she was a self-proclaimed moderate who came from a liberal college (in her case, Brown).  She told me she thought I was cool, too, which just delighted me. She was also impressed that I got everyone's name when I went around and did mine; I pointed out that 4 people had gone before me, but she was still impressed, said that they've had lots of new people before but I got everybody's names didn't even hesitate.  Mike is very thoughtful, and he grew up in an apolitical evangelical church and then ended up in Ann Arbor, so I feel some kinship with him and am also interested in his background.  He mentioned my Smith experience and said that I seemed to have come out of the experience very well and that I seemed very well-rounded, and I think there was implication in there about being able to look at.  Eric said that I had comments that went a little bit deeper than we might have otherwise gone (this was a pleasant surprise as I had been purposely not jumping in all the time since the group was about letting everyone speak) and he said something about "four or five times at dinner" which also surprised me because I recalled myself as mostly just making snarky comments though certainly I was trying to problematize/complicate things (Seth was talking about this book he's reading).  I learned at dinner that he can tie cherry stems with his tongue (sadly I did not witness this).  I told Trelawney (his fiancée) "You're a very lucky woman."

Marcy invited me to wine-tasting with her and John (her husband) and I don't know who else for Wednesday [this means I'm potentially booked every night this week; I'm impressed; that never happens], and then I talked to Seth for a while.  So I ended up spending about three and a half hours at that church tonight. I intend to do some further Sunday morning church-hopping for the varied experience if nothing else (and United Methodist's main pastor is on summer sabbatical, so I don't feel like I'm missing a lot -- though lay preaching can be fascinating) but I suspect I will be repeating my First Churches Northampton experience what with falling into a semi-permanent church "home" and all.