August 8th, 2006


"Say you're happy now, Once more with feeling."

Eric is watching BtVS from the beginning (and is not a fan of S1) but brought S6 in to watch at lunch today. We agree that S6 has a lot of good points but is not high up on the rewatch-meter, so of course we watched the musical. Ah, made of awesome. There are some flaws, but I'm mostly willing to handwave those. And yes, the episode remains phenomenally depressing with the knowledge of what comes after. (S7 both ameliorates and intensifies that.)

It's been a while since I last watched this episode (I think the last time was the Sing-a-long at the Coolidge with trijinx) and as it ended I remembered how I'd watched it first-run in the Lamont living room and we all ran screaming through the house afterward. Such a good memory. (I may bring in my CD tomorrow; not the official one that cuts all the dialogue but the one that A. burned for me like that night.)
i do it for the joy it brings

happy belated birthday to us

Today was the joint birthday party for me and my brother, back at the ranch so to speak.  I just barely made my train (Red Line was packed) and sat next to Jay Pendse on the commuter rail.  I got shells&cheese made by my daddy (it always comes out better than when I make them myself) and more housewares (plus chocolate), and Ginny made rich yummy chocolate trifle.  I lamented the lack of Mommy cake (my mommy makes the bestest moist incidentally vegan chocolate cake) but lo there were cupcakes to take home.  I am also now again in possession of my Firefly and Serenity DVDs, plus 3 VHS's worth of HIMYM to watch when I have a tv again.  (Though I suppose I could inflict it on Eric.  I would rather force Firefly on him, though.  And speaking of our lunchtime media... I dug through my box of CDs and was reminded of so many CDs I'd forgotten I had, though I was frustrated that my OMWF CDs were at the very bottom of the very last stack; I've really gotta get some sort of shelving for my CDs 'cause I would like to listen to them and right now it's nearly impossible to find anything.)  My brother drove me home and we unloaded my stuff and he talked for ages 'cause that's what he does.

Edit: Oh, and how could I forget? My mom has been talking for a while about putting together a binder of recipes of the stuff that she actually makes for when my brother and I leave home, and she actually managed to get it done in time for this party. Rock on. /edit

I really should go to bed ('cause I did not get enough sleep last night) but I hate leaving LJ un-caught-up.  I remind myself I was ded bored today and that it will be good to have entries and comments awaiting me tomorrow.