August 10th, 2006

big girl world

Yes, my sooper sekrit superhero identity is Research Girl.

So, one of the profs in our unit (Andy) used to help run the Patriots. He, another prof (Jim), and Prof.B. were standing in front of my desk, and Prof.B. was asking if Andy had read the Globe today and how he had to read this article on Vinatieri and Andy was asking who wrote it and of course Prof.B. doesn't pay attention to that 'cause he doesn't know the writers like Andy does.

Now, I can't even spell Vinatieri, but being me of course I had to find the article. wasn't giving it to me, I GoogleNewsed, and today's Boston Globe was the top link. So I said, "The Jackie MacMullan article?" as the printer was sending out two Printer Friendly copies.

Jim said, "This has to be a setup. No one is that efficient."
I protested that I never read the Sports Page and that I just got curious listening to them. (Which I know sounds ridiculous, but those who know me know it is SO TRUE for me.)
Prof.B. said something about how I could anticipate what was needed -- which prompted Andy to ask for the notes from the meeting they were about to have in advance :)

Yeah, I'm over my earlier rage at Prof.B. (Especially since the rage-inducing situation got resolved fairly easily.)

[P.S. totally has a embed. Wow.]

WinDVD will play CDs. Who knew?

I was telling Eric how my [work] computer won't play CDs (prompted by him saying how his [work] computer has stopped playing DVDs) and he suggested Windows Media Player, which of course I couldn't find. (I thought I had done a fairly thorough search yesterday and found that it only has RealPlayer and QuickTime.) On a whim, I tried WinDVD, and it plays no problem. (Though on a phone call he explained that WMP comes with Windows and you can't get rid of it, and doing an actual Search confirms that. But I enjoy that WinDVD will actually play CDs.)

[ref. top of last night's post]
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That was weird.

Verizon ringtone "Upbeat" is my brother's default ringtone and the one that my phone rings as when he calls. I just heard it come from down the hall. And it's a distinctive ringtone. That was very weird.


In other news, (via mere) is interesting.

Though I definitely feel shogunhb's confusion -- subject matter or composition?

- I bet you find it easy to empathize with other people.
- You are more comfortable with clear and concrete information.

Yup, both of those are very true for me.

A few minutes with it was really sufficient for me, though. Moving on now.

(My desk is also getting all cluttered and disorganized, which is so frustrating to me. I did some clearing out, but I have such difficulty hacking a system where everying is easily and intuitively accessible, and I don't know why.)
hermione by oatmilk

Okay, I'm ready to go home now.

Coordinating scheduling really does make me feel accomplished, but I don't think I'll hear back from FormerUnitHead today, so I've done all I can do on that end. And Prof.B. left for the day about a half an hour ago, so while I might hear from him in the next hour I'm feeling decidedly bored.

I'm also annoyed at gmail. I've been using it for writing fic 'cause of its autosave function, but the past few days it keeps refusing to load when I click on a draft e-mail (or when I go to compose a new one). Anyone else having this problem?

I've been online window-shopping for tvs, tv stands, and couches. I'll be v. glad when that is all sorted. Really need to make decisions within the next few days, though, so I can utilize the transport capabilities I'll have next week.

Oh, and if anyone wants to recommend a bar in the Newbury Street area for tomorrow night, go for it.
dance of joy [kibarika]

hat tip: malnpudl

LJ has been withholding the occasional comment notification, but they've rolled out something new and (shock!) actually useful.

[announcement here]

Currently only available for Permanent Users, you can "subscribe to"/"track" comment threads/entries and... here's what I think is super-awesome... I went to try it out on an entry and one option was to track "All posts tagged [drop-down menu] on [journalname]" !!!  Weren't we all hoping for something like this when they first rolled out tags?  (i.e. a way to filter your readinglist to stuff you're interested in)  This is actually awesomer than what I think users were imagining back then, 'cause this lets you subscribe to specific tags by people not even on your flist.  (Of course that necessitates that people actually use tags....  I was resistant to tags when they first came out because the interface is so much worse in S1 than in S2 -- and I really dislike S2, which the LJ PTBs totally have a hardon for -- and because I worried they would supplant Memories, but used well they make my organizational heart glee.)  It's e-mail notification, which I can see arguments on both sides, but since we already get comment notifications via e-mail I'm fine with it.

Edit: Ooh, you can also be notified by e-mail when someone friends you -- which I think will mostly be positively received, though it will up the drama a smidge. (I'm a little weirded out that you can choose to be notified when people upload new userpics.)

Oh, and to subscribe to multiple tags from one person you have to go to the page multiple times; it won't let you do multiple selections from the drop-down menu.

Actually, playing with it more, it looks like Email notification is separate from simply being notiifed, which confuses me. Oh, wait, Message Center. That's neat. You can have stuff show up there or in e-mail or both. [Edit2: Actually it looks like it'll show up on the Message Center page regardless; you can just choose whether you want it e-mailed in addition.]

Bets on how long it'll be before someone finds a way to track who's tracking you?