August 16th, 2006

you think you know...


I get a flurry of responses to a list of 1001 books and none to a post about reconciliation dialogue. Interesting.


karabair did the following thought-experiment:

So let's just suppose you had to guess my all-time favorite:

1) Shakespeare Play
2) TV show
3) Novel
4) X-men movieverse character
5) Musician/Singer
6) Movie

There is sort of a pattern here, and I'm curious. (If I *just* told you the answer to one of these, it doesn't count).

I thought about doing the same, but it is so hard for me to pick favorite ANYTHING. I could do 3/6 of those and tried to think of other favorites and had real difficulty. So in the spirit of getting-to-know-me (because we know an official Intro Me post would probably be a book) I solicit which Favorites of mine you want to know [can be from this list or no].
films about ghosts // firefly, firefly // films about ghosts

Firefly Pilot Episode: Attempt the Second [or, "The Train Job"]

We watched Firefly again today during lunch. Eric commented on how it's kinda funny that he owns it but only watches it at work. His friend Debbie's coming to visit this weekend and he says she'll be so glad that he's watching it, that she's the one who tried to make him watch it a few weeks ago and he totally resisted. (Next time we watch I'm totally turning on subtitles, though, 'cause I feel like we keep missing lines, and I don't actually have the episodes entirely memorized.)

As with last time, I am hyperaware of all the ways/moments in which the episode [and probably the series] is... not necessarily even flawed, just not something someone is necessarily going to fall in love with. I don't have too many thoughts that I didn't already think back when I marathoned the show, though I did notice a few little details.

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