August 21st, 2006


[Monday] icons + beta request + thought-experiment meme

Surfing friendsfriends I came across a Flowers in the Attic X-Men What If, which of course I had to read. This led to playing around with icon-making. The only work I did besides cropping was blacking out the speech bubble sliver in the Rogue icon I'm likely to use myself.

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Speaking of things dark and f*cked-up.... Anyone interested in betaing an apocafic Fred/Giles? Set during S4 Angel (which is S7 BtVS, so yeah, a bit AU), approx. 3500 words, and not happy.


karabair did a thought-experiment meme wherein she asked us to guess her all-time favorites in a variety of categories, and various people have adopted the idea and tweaked the category list. The idea of what people think your favorites are versus what they actually are intrigues me (though selecting favorites of any kinda is hella difficult for me), so here's my list.

1) Shakespeare Play
2) X-men movieverse character
3) Musician/Singer
4) Author
5) Poet
6) Painter
7) Musical
8) Character on BtVS
9) Season of BtVS
10) police show (broadly defined) -- this one's per lunabee34's request
hermione by oatmilk


+ My daddy procured my tv stand.
- It is heavier (and less compact) than I was expecting it to be.
+ I got it halfway up the stairs myself.  (I am Yankee stubborn but not butch.)
- There was no way it was gonna make it up the second half.
+ I gave up gracefully.  (These two +'s were in fact my affirmation for myself at CAUMC tonight.)

+ I had an apple and it didn't have a rotten core.

+ I intuited how to get home the residential way, without a map.
- OriginalRoomie had already gone to bed (has to be at work at 5:15 tomorrow morning) so I feel like I should have taken a ride from Meredith or Mike so that we don't spend another day walking around the tv stand.

Yeah, I totally can't keep up the bullet-point format.  Am way too wordy for that.

CAUMC itself gets its own entry anyway.

Bed now.  Though I should do dishes first.

Oh, and skimming the flist... I'll have to read more of the discussion around the remix wank when I have time, but it seems to me that it's the same as writing certain kinds of fanfic wherein you're riffing directly on a specific story someone else has told.  (I could actually probably argue that it's like reworking fairy tales) there's just the idea that it would be proper etiquette to ask permission first since we're all something like equals in a common community.  I really don't see anything wrong with remixing fics without permission except for the fact that some people get upset when you do that to their work, and while it's certainly sensible etiquette to ask first, I wouldn't really call you wrong if you remixed without permission.  I understand privileging community, but I guess I just feel like all texts are equal in the "fair game" sense.  (I do understand the value of being nice to people, I promise; I guess I just feel like there's only a certain extent to which you "own" your texts -- and oh I'm being pomo now, aren't it?)