August 25th, 2006


[Firefly] "Shindig"

Beautiful weather means eating outside, which is of the good for a number of reasons, but inside means Firefly.

I think "Shindig" really may be one of my favorite episodes. It just makes me so happy.

I had forgotten how many gorgeous shots are in there (at the ball predominantly, but not just there), and there is just so much awesome.

Mary Alice is definitely in the "Mmm, Jayne" camp. Eric said something nice about Kaylee and said he doesn't like the captain. I can't keep track of whom he likes and dislikes and am really okay with that evolving as he watches the show; it just means I'm frequently thrown.

He said at the end today that he's not a big fan of the plots but that the writing is very good; he says the show isn't better than Buffy but then little is. Of course, he constantly talks throughout the show (the first half of an episode especially), which frustrates me no end -- though with the subtitles on this is less of a problem. He said he fully understood what was going on, but I feel like you miss the subtleties if you're not paying attention. Of course, this is in part because having watched these episodes multiple times before, I'm watching largely for little stuff.

I don't have much to add to my previous commentary, but Collapse )

Edit: I forgot to mention, Eric was explaining that Simon+River are on the run and that Mal took them on because he's nice, and I added that he tries to act like he's not a nice guy but he really is -- "Like you, actually," I said, turning to Eric. (This has actually come up in conversation a lot recently -- talking with people and agreeing about what a good guy Eric is under the front he puts up.)
hermione by oatmilk

Hi, I'm ready to go home now.

As an English major who doesn't much care for Hamlet (sacrilege, I know) I really enjoy this -- Black Adder live Shakespeare sketch (via ann1962).

Edit a half an hour later (to minimize my spamming of your flists): LaunchCast sometimes has iffy taste (for days it was giving me lots of Harry Chapin just because -- I assume -- I told it I love "Cat's In The Cradle") and I was kind of tuning it out, but then I recognized Del Amitri's "Roll to Me" and perked up because I love that song. (My formative years musically were totally the mid-to-late '90s -- the only time I ever listened to the radio regularly.) Now it's playing "Angel" by Shaggy. Whee!
professional me, self


Those are happy exclamation marks of surprise (and triumph).

I completely forgot to call UPS today, but in lunchtime discussion with Eric and Mary Alice it was decided that I could ask them to change the delivery address and then call the HBS loading dock and have them just hold it for me and Mary Alice would drive me home with it.  First I was gonna find out if either of my roomies would be home on Monday so they could sign for me.  I came home today and lo, there were packages on my porch.  (Damn that's a big box.  To my credit, I didn't even attempt to lift it.  Today I went to move a full copy paper box and yeah, that was  a bit of a mistake.  Laura said, "You're a riot" in that way that she sometimes tells me I'm cute -- like "You're quirky and I find it endearing, though I don't always understand you.")
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[Astonishing X-Men] "Gifted" and "Dangerous"

When Emma was telling me X-men comics stories from memory we knew it was just a matter of time before I got sucked into comics.  karabair convinced me to ILL Gifted and Dangerous -- the two compilation volumes thus far of Astonishing (the X-Men series Joss is doing).  The first volume is interesting; the second is fascinating.

My instinct, of course, is to do a detailed play-by-play reaction commentary, but I really should send out apartment-warming evites and go to bed early.

Well, that's one item off the To Do List.

It's possible that there's something profoundly sad/ironic about spending part of one's Friday night putting together a party invitation. But I'm so over the idea that Friday has to = going-out-night. Anyway, evite is sent, as are various facebook messages; hardcopies will go out on Monday. I worry both that I'm neglecting people and that I'm inviting people who will (mentally) respond to the invitation with a 'wtf.' I think I've managed a fair balance, though.

And of course, if somehow I missed you and you want in, just let me know.