August 29th, 2006


[Firefly] "Our Mrs. Reynolds"

I forgot just HOW MUCH sexual innuendo gets crammed into a single episode. And it was aired on network tv :) I thought about forcing a viewing of the deleted scene, but that's on another disc, so we'll just wait until we've finished the series.

Mary Alice finally remembered where she recognized Adam Baldwin from -- Independence Day.

We watched this episode and Eric talked very little and was genuinely into what was happening. I was pleased. (And also excited that he did NOT guess the main plot twist, as in earlier episodes he had a habit of guessing almost all of the plot twists.) He also said he loves the girl mechanic (Kaylee) -- might even have said she's his favorite. He's still not a fan of Mal or Jayne, though.

Jayne's kissing line got the reactions I expected: an ew from Eric (I also totally watched his face during Saffron's Bible speech, which was awesome) and an approving mmm from Mary Alice (though she was thinking neck while Eric and I were totally thinking... other orifice).

I was also entertained that very early on Mary Alice commented that she's very pretty, because I never particularly thought that. I mean, I can see it, but I have to actually be making an effort.)

Oh, and bestest thing I forgot to mention: Eric said he was going to watch Firefly last night but it felt like it would be cheating on us, so he didn't.
moon house

home decor

I'd meant to go shopping on Sunday but didn't, so after work today I bussed it to Target.  (Sidenote: Coming from a cheap family, I never had any problem with Wal-Mart, but come college everyone was all about Tar-jhay and of course I'm contrary, plus I was so not a fan of their giant red-and-white ads.  So when I'm in a Wal-Mart I think "I should be feeling Liberal Guilt" whereas when I'm in a Target I think, "I am totally betraying my principles by being here" -- because yes, I was totally opposed to Target on principle.)

I'm getting this tablecloth, but I'm undecided as to napkins.  Originally I was thinking green, but I worry about the apparent Christmas theme and wonder if I I should have gotten these instead.

I was most stoked about the Isaac Mizrahi [which name totally makes me feel like I'm in Sex and the City, by the way] sheer wood weave placemats -- which I can't find online to link to.

I bought this flatware set but worry that it isn't what I really want.  OriginalRoomie's flatware is blue, and NewRoomie's is black, so I'm kinda limited to shades of brown.  (We totally share flatware, but I'm not a huge fan of the black set, and the blue set only has like four of each, so it gets used up quickly.)

Yes, I do really enjoy that I am concerned not just about what I find aesthetically pleasing individually but what fits the aesthetic theme I'm creating.  (Which reminds me that I really need to figure out how to hang the paintings I have.)

When I got home, NewRoomie was finishing up dinner with a guy she goes to school with (they have Orientation this week).  Yay socialness in my apartment.  He even brought beer.