August 30th, 2006

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Made of awesome!

So, I had productivity at work today, and I feel like I'm getting back into the groove of actually doing my job (cf. an earlier post about not letting unstressedness slide into actual laziness), and I'm making myself real dinner, and there are lots of other happy items from today (which will be included in another post) but point of this entry is:

I was in the kitchen starting to prep for dinner shortly after I got home and I heard my phone ring from my room.  I didn't recognize the number, but figured I'd answer it anyway.  Voice I totally did not expect to hear from an unknown number: Terry!  Apparently he lost his cell phone on Aug. 6 and is still waiting for his replacement, but my apartment-warming invite arrived at the library today, cunningly containing my phone number.  He was surprised I didn't recognize the number, but I pointed out that how many times do I use the library phone number, and I certainly don't expect it to show up calling my phone.  Apparently my party conflicts with his son's birthday party.  Le sigh.  He asked when I was gonna be in Norwood next.  Ha ha.  I was dreadfully pleased that he called, though.  ::dances::
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[CAUMC] Yoder Chapter 3: Baptism and the New Humanity

This was the first time I was "scathing" (as Trelawney put it) about a text we were reading.

The point of Yoder's book is that he takes stuff the early disciples did and extrapolates from this to how we should be in the world nowadays, but this chapter was, for me, way too much about the nowadays and nowhere near enough about the original sacrament.

By, oh, the third reading I got a better sense of how all the bits fit together but yeah, I was not impressed.  Trelawney said his writing/theology is "thick."  I hesitate around using that term because to me it implies rich and layered, but it is admittedly a fair term for this.

This is my attempt to pull out his salient points/arguments.  Collapse )

in other news...

E-mail to Neil Gaiman:
I recently heard someone discussing Peter Beagle's work. They mentioned that they didn't like The Last Unicorn because they felt it tried too hard to emulate your style without succeeding.

I have to ask, were you really that good as an eight-year-old?

(I quite like your work, incidentally. I just found the comment a little odd, and thought I'd share it with you.)

On Layna's suggestion, I'm avoiding Casual Home for tablecloths. I'll probably get the Isaac Mizrahi red, though I find myself worried about how difficult it is to tell color on the Internet. Fieldcrest has "tonal stripe" tablecloths which worry me (green, red). I've looked elsewhere, but finding round tablecloths is hard. Linens 'n' Things only has a pale gold one, which looks lovely, but one major incentive for a tablecloth is that I feel like the kitchen is too white (floor, walls, table, etc.) so that doesn't work.

I called Alyssa with a who/m question -- 'cause we've had these types of conversations before. "I'm your girl," she said.

I called my grandma. That's twice in a week. (I also called on Saturday.) I'm such a good-doobie. (My mom's away on vacation for a week.) The conversation was more useless than Saturday's was (and almost twice as long -- 53 versus 30 minutes) but she hadn't talked to anyone all day, so she appreciated it.

Trelawney sent me an e-mail signing off "love and hugs" which delighted me. She and Eric asked that people bring food to the wedding, or donate to their favorite charities, instead of buying them actual stuff; I already donated to BARCC in their honor, but I'm thinking of setting up a recurring donation in honor of another friend as well. Now that I have a steady income that easily takes care of all my needs with plenty of cushion for wants, I feel like I should really do some charitable giving. [This is the part where you're welcome to chime in with your charity/ies of choice.]

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Edit: Wow, tiredness is a powerful cause of stupidity. I totally put down the wrong answer for the second of my own questions. ::fixes, goes to bed::