September 2nd, 2006


I slept for ~11 hours. Glorious.

I left the house around noon and it just smelled like autumn and I was so happy.  I love love love this season for its weather, even more than I do winter I think.

This also made me want to write seasonal fic, even though I have plenty of longer stuff already-in-progress.  I remembered that I checked out scarvesnhats for the prompts last year, though nothing ever came of that as I'm so bad at writing to prompts.  (Well, usually, anyway.  Obviously Fireworks proved me wrong.)


I picked up the September/October MFA film calendar and in looking through it wasn't very interested in any of the films, which made me sad (though of course it saves me money and leaves me more time for other stuff; and being movie curmudgeon me, the surprise should really be that I saw so much film at the MFA earlier this year, not the other way around) but then I got to the last few pages, which are all Krzysztof Kieslowki, and I would have been won by The Decalogue alone, but I wanna see almost all of the films.

I also picked up the Fall 2006 Lectures+Courses booklet and of course wanna go to bunches of those.  (And I'm not even an art geek.) Edit: Looking more closely... the stuff I want to go to is Thursdays from 1-2:30pm. Boo.