September 3rd, 2006

moon house

[CAUMC] Labor Sunday & the wedding

I woke up on my own around eight o'clock this morning, which pleased me.  (Among other things, it meant I was well-rested after a solid eight hours of sleep.)

I've been to tired to get up for church these past few Sundays, and I haven't come up with an ecumenical church-going plan (I've learned not to assume that all Protestant churches have 10am Sunday services), so I just went to CAUMC.

Trelawney and Eric did a duet of the African-American spiritual "I Will Trust in the Lord" [the song from when Eric proposed] with verses like "Sister will you trust in the Lord..." and then adding ones at the end first in question form and then in affirmation form about "will you love me... I will love you..."  'Twas lovely.  Also would have made a beautiful photo 'cause they were framed by that wooden like doorway behind the altar with the blue cloth.

Attending a liberal church on Labor Day Sunday is probably not something I'll repeat.  (Honestly I was reminded why I dislike attending liberal churches, period.  And they weren't even being all "The Administration is evol;" it was totally legit "people dying is bad... poverty is bad..." I just have like an allergic reaction -- an analogy I quite like because it's about your body overreacting to a threat.)

The call to confession was Amos 5:11-15 [though more poetical than the NIV which is my default linkage].  The Words of Grace included "despite our sin and our participation in structures of sin."

Gospel Lesson: John 6:5-24, 26-27 (You must work for the food that lasts) [He actually only read 5-13 before skipping to 26-27.]

Sermon: "Our Worth, Our Work"
Talking about how we tend to define our worth (and that of others) by our work (or their work, as the case may be) and ja, that's bad.  He had some other points, too, and I didn't really have any argument with his points -- though I had some quibbles with how he argued some of them -- but I really wasn't impressed by the sermon either.

I was not in a headspace (soulspace?) wherein I had any interest/desire to take Communion, but they had a loaf of dark bread which you tear plus intincture, so I was mildly curious to try this new combo.  [As soon as I saw the table set up when I walked in I considered avoiding going to church anywhere on the first Sunday of the month -- when Protestant churches usually do Communion -- and was immediately amused recalling how different this is from some of my friends... for example those for whom it so important to get Communion every Sunday.]  Trelawney held the cup and said "poured out for you, Elizabeth," which is one thing in favor of the non-communal way of doing Communion (i.e., not passing the tray around amongst yourselves) at least in a congregation where the clergy know everyone by name.


NewRoomie organized the pots&pans&etc. under the counter -- including getting rid of the lids that match nothing, etc.  Woot.


The wedding was at 4pm and I got home c. 10pm.  The wedding was beautiful.  And one fab thing about attending weddings is seeing what terrific ideas exist that you can steal for your own event if you ever have one.  Collapse )

When all the people I would talk to had dispersed, I departed as well.  I said goodbye to both bride and groom (separately because they were with different pockets of people) and they were both so sincerely glad that I came (Trelawney practically even apologized for my not getting an invitation until so close to the date).