September 4th, 2006

hipster me

"mostly cloudy, 72F..."

I feel like I should do something outside today, but I have zero idea what that should be.  (Okay, I suppose I have one idea, which is reading on my porch, but I have enough breeze in my room that reading here seems almost comparable.)  What I mostly wanna do is indoor stuff -- catching up on writeups, maybe watching all the HIMYM tapes.  I was looking at to get an idea of what channels I have (and which ones are worth finding out if I have) and LOGO is the gay-themed channel, right?  'Cause apparently it's currently playing Showgirls and at noon will be starting Moulin Rouge.  This entertains me. Oh and just for clarity, that channel is definitely not included in my basic cable package, but the page gives me listings for all channels I might possibly have.
warmth in the cold


from ann1962:
Chefs, whose own personal appetites are rarely confined to food, have always, often notoriously, had a healthy enthusiasm for life's other pleasures. We are, after all, in the pleasure business. It is our job to give pleasure to our customers. How can we be expected, one might ask, to regularly and reliably give pleasure if we do not ourselves fully experience it and understand it - in all its strange and fabulous permutations?
-from The Nasty Bits by Anthony Bourdain [italics in original]
[Ann commented, "When someone loves their work it shows."]