September 5th, 2006


Happy Birthday, Daddy.

So, my impetus for joining the HBS gym was gonna be that the class I wanna take is at 7:30. Except that apparently I can't read and in fact it's 5:30-7:30. This is distressing both due to lack of dinner and due to lack of impetus for gymming.

TAP is my absolute favorite Harvard benefit, hands down. $40 for an extension school course; graduate credit even.

Mmm, syllabus. I disapprove of the fact that the course does the evol Harvard thing of having final stuff after the Christmas break. Though dude, I think I can handle "Students enrolled for graduate credit will be asked, in addition to the above requirements, to submit an extended essay of about 8 pages on January 2." (A two-hour in-class exam focusing on Ulysses, on the other hand....) The professor is an emeritus from Indiana University -- an Institute of Higher Learning about which I know nothing.

I have minor anxiety (recalling how I dropped my Russian Lit class from credit to audit because I had absolutely nothing to say about any of the texts) but I'm also bubbly inside at getting to take a class again. (Having people with whom to talk about the media one is ingesting is love.)


In other news, it was Emily's official first day today, so Cailin invited me to go to lunch with them. I didn't leave word with Mary Alice (or a real note on my computer) which I felt bad about. So when I got in, Eric saw me and was all "Where were you?" I explained and went down to the conference room to explain/apologize to Mary Alice and Katie directly (and ended up staying -- watching a Home Improvement episode). Mary Alice talked about the new "global vegetarian" option at the Grille and Eric joked about my taste for "cardboard." This, in conjunction with deep-tissue massage being joked about onscreen, led to my doing the angry shoulder rub thing, and we've talked about touchphobic before, so I was totally expecting him to flinch away, but he just took it, completely nonresponsive. I guess because as we've established earlier, pain is fine; at one point he made a comment about one the masseurs onscreen (who was supposedly inflicting mucho pain with deep tissue massage -- yeah, watch me having problems with the fact that that is totally not how it really works) being so tiny and I said something and started in on his shoulders again and he said, "You can't hurt me."

Cailin was talking to me later and said "Did you get in trouble" -- for abandoning my lunchmates -- and I told her how Eric was all "I'm not talking to you" and she said, "He's just flirting." Which it totally isn't, though I can see how it would sound like that, but I was still amused.


Checking my yahoo mail today, I saw a ad that literally says "Click here so we can stop running these."

Oh, trijinx, adding to the idea that this was The weekend for weddings, Greg flew out to Ohio for a wedding.