September 7th, 2006

hermione by oatmilk

Who do I have to blow to get a granola bar around here?

Seriously.  I was at the FoodMaster yesterday and nada.  CVS after work today had lots of energy bars, and tucked away in a corner a few Nature Valley oats'n'honey.  I wanted Quaker chocolate chip granola bars, or something like.

Anyway, day....

Prof.B. was prepping for a conference call, so I had nothing to do for most of the morning.  I scanned Astonishing and watched girl kissing.

When they came up for lunch, Eric saw I was scanning, which led to explanation of what.  He thought the second volume wasn't as good as the first one.  [I thought the first volume was interesting but the second was fascinating.]  He was too tired to have an actual argument, though.  (My theory is he's getting sick; he said he was feeling really tired but didn't know why.)

I bought apples at the Farmers Market yesterday (red -- Goldstar -- and green -- Shamrock) and brought one of the red ones in with lunch today and so good.  Black cherry yogurt is also yum, but I already knew that.

I figured I'd head to the Health Fair afterward, but I ended up getting sucked into helping Prof.B. tweak his PowerPoint presentation.  (The program is a tool of the devil, but I did feel v. accomplished that I could do almost everything he asked supah-easily.)  And then I conference called -- only the second time I've ever done that, so that was stressful, but the instruction book was conveniently right there so I didn't have to dart back to my desk to grab my copy.

Home: Mail included my book from Megan, and a card.  The address was typewritten, which only my grandparents do, but the postmark was Boston.  No return address (ah, memories ;) ).  I opened it up: On the front (and dude, it's glittery.  for the win.) it says "As you settle in your new apartment" and on the inside it says "Hope it soon has that settled-in, lived-in, loved-in, feeling!  CONGRATS!"  JoeF had typed(!) a message on the other inside side as well -- which included an explanation of why they won't be able to attend but the more important part comes later:
But you will be on my mind.  The last time I saw you I thought you looked radiant, ready to take on the world!

What a great time of life this is for you, the threshhold of so many wonderful possibilities with the gifts you've been given.  I'm not the only one expecting great things from you; Everyone who knows you is expecting them, too.

And an apartment just adds to the excitement of it all.

Congratulations!  The best is yet to come.

Carol and I wish you the realization and fulfillment of all your dreams.
Oh, NewRoomie saw the note (I'd magnet-ed it to the fridge) from DownstairsNeighbors and asked what exactly the deal was with the apartment-warming (but not in an accusatory manner).  She says she'll probably be at the library most of the day but will be back for cake :)  I told her I'd be sure to save her a slice.  I explained about how I've gotten used to thinking of the party as "mine" even though that's not really true since I have housemates and all, and she said that if I was providing all the food and everything that it kind of was mine -- as in, don't feel bad for thinking/treating it like it's all your own.  This was actually a great comfort to me.

I also had an e-mail from my brother.  "Basically, I am taking 17 credits for 20 hours/wk and 2 jobs, one for ~10 hrs/wk, and one for 8 hrs/wk.  That totals 38 hrs + homework (which is supposed to be equal to the time spent in class, so tack on another 17-20 hrs)."  Yes, my brother is totally the driven overachiever of the two of us.

Okay, bedtime for me and Ari (yes she arrived safely) now.


During the bored morning, I did the Interests Collage thing.  It cycles through, so even if you love what you got the first time you can see what else it gives you.  Almost all the Whedon ones are awesome, but the one I have is really the first one it gave me.  I adore that it gave me El amor abraza el universo, México, Diego, a mí y al señor Xolotl as the first one for Frida Kahlo.

Mine had 61 pics, so it must have eliminated a few of the 70 interests.  It tells you, "If you don't want any picture at all for a particular interest, Ctrl-click it," so then I took off a whole bunch (making it even more difficult for anyone trying to match image with interest).

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