September 8th, 2006

big damn heroes

[Firefly] "War Stories"

After we watched "Ariel" yesterday, Eric looked at the DVD cover and commented about "Trash." I didn't recall that being next (it's not) so when I took it back I looked myself and commented about how I have such mixed feelings about "War Stories" (the one that was next).

I was thinking later that day how this is less and less true. The torture scenes bother me less after repeated viewings, allowing me to focus on the awesomeness of the character stuff. Plus there are assorted scenes that are made of awesomeCollapse )
big damn heroes

"She's in--" "Standoff--" "No."

So, at lunch today, Eric said that today's Metro (which I hadn't read; all the Metro vendors at my subway entrances/exits seem to be vanishing recently) had a thing about a film Gina Torres is in that's showing this weekend. He couldn't remember the name of the film but said he had the Metro at his desk -- had saved it specifically because of that, knowing I would care. (What a sweetheart!) He just e-mailed me:
The 22nd Annual Boston Film Festival this weekend, the movie is called “Jam” it plays Saturday at 7:30 Pm and Sunday @ 8 PM. This is, of course, all at Loews Boston Common