September 10th, 2006

moon house

[meatspace] "In Which We Are Introduced to Winnie-the-Pooh and Some Bees and the Stories Begin"

In discussing her then-impending visit to me&ANTS, Ari said "then to embark on a New Adventure" which I commented sounded like out of Winnie Ther Pooh, which led to her saying, "Tomorrow, the Exciting Adventure in the Hundred Acre Wood that is Boston and Surrounding Suburbs begins."

This begged the question of which characters we are -- which was answered by the note she left me Friday morning addressed to Rabbit and signed Piglet.


I got up about a half an hour before noon (rather later than I'd intended) and it smelled like summer.  Huh.  (We probably should have had lunch outside on Friday, but I didn't think of it until after everyone had gone to get lunch and Cailin came by and mentioned eating outside.)

I didn't really feel like going anywhere to do anything, but sleeping late plus no physical activity was likely to lead to an inability to sleep that night, so....

I stopped by the HBS Community Fall Party (free food!), which turned out to be primarily aimed at young children, so I felt awkward plus I didn't recognize anybody (would have loved to see Greg's wee ones) so after I finished my lemonade I left to do some other stuff downtown.  Waiting for the Red Line I saw Jill (one of the HBS employees I interact with a lot) and her boyfriend Nick -- first year MBA student.

I came home via College Ave./Powderhouse Blvd. so I could make a mental list of all the nearby churches (yes, the giant rainbow flag church is "First Congregational Church of Somerville: United Church of Christ.") and their service times.  Later I Googled to see where the closest UU church is (answer: Harvard Square) and learned that they're doing a four-session series on the letters of Paul.  However, it's Monday nights, which conflicts with CAUMC.  (Trelawney's on honeymoon in Turkey, but we're still having group tomorrow -- book of Esther.  The e-mail announcing that also said, "Also, there is going to be a young adult luncheon next Sunday (September 17) at Gary ’s house after church."  So I guess I'll be putting off ecumenical church-hopping for a week, 'cause socialness is of the good.)


OriginalRoomie's been looking for a futon mattress so there is additional sleeping spaces for when her mother and grandmother come to visit this weekend.  A guy just up the street was giving away a very decent couch (on reflection, I think our current couch is better for sleeping, and with the aerobed in storage that's really sufficient, but whatever).  So I helped her move it to our apartment.  (Turns out he'd moved it from Seattle, but the doorways in his new apartment are so low/small that the couch -- which has an arched back -- won't fit.)  It's currently on our (closed-in) porch and I'm not entirely sure it'll fit through our top doorway, but we shall see.

Ari was super-punchy due to tiredness that night, but we ended up staying up talking forever.  (Not that we've ever done that before ;) )  We discussed tagging and other issues of categorizing information, as well as other issues in/around LJ.  So wonderful to discuss things with someone who gets it.

Thanks to the magic of joule, we learned that she and I have been mutually friended almost a year less long than she and sk8eeyore.  Yes, I flew down to Virginia in March to meet someone I had LJ-friended in November of the preceding year :)  [Though Sarah and I had been mutually friended since long before November 2004.]  And of course now that we're in the same state it's taken over a year for another meatspace meetup :)

We discussed Secret Slasha requesting and she mentioned Lilah/Fred as her f/f pairing of choice for Secret Slasha -- which reminded me that the Angelverse women were also an option.  Yeah, mine is totally gonna be an entirely f/f request.  (Affirmative Action, yay! ;) )  We talked about the issue of people not wanting to participate because they feel incapable of writing f/f (or m/m as the case may be) and I said that while I very much understood that, surely we could all think of two pairings and an any character we couldn't slash [translation: two slash pairings they can't write and one character they can't slash].  She fairly quickly came up with a personal Secret Slasha request list of undreaminess which I much concur with (though of course there are plenty of other requests I wouldn't want either) but it was interesting (and comforting) coming up with ideas as to how we could manage to write each of the requests (and Secret Slasha only requires that you fulfill one of the three requests you're given).  We also discussed the problem of liking a pairing but not liking how most of fandom tends to write it.

At one point, Ari (who was near the clock) said: I think we shouldn't go to church in the morning.  I'm hardly committed (had Trelawney been here I would have wanted her to meet her, but she's not) but I was surprised to hear that from her.  (I had forgotten she had already been twice this weekend.  Yeah seminary.)  She informed me that it was 4:42am.  my reaction: !!!  Yeah, we went to bed shortly thereafter.


In contrast to yesterday's high of I think 83, today's predicted high was 67.  Hello, autumn.

We went to Little Joe's Coffee House around the corner so that Ari could get coffee that wasn't Instant Coffee of Grossness.  I'd never been in there before, but we learned that the ($2.75) Large Iced Coffee is huge.  (And yet there is even an Extra-Large option.)  Also there bumped into Mark (sp?) -- the couch guy.  He invited us to sit down with him, but we had to get Ari to her train.  (My house to South Station was an even 45 minutes.  Good to know.)  He talked to OriginalRoomie later and she invited him to the apartment-warming (with my okay).  Sure we barely know him, but he seemed cool (when we were moving the couch down his stairs he asked us if we wanted a beer or a soda, and he has two cats -- pound rescues, siblings -- named Milan and Prague) and yay neighbors, and they're be plenty of people around all day at the party, so it shouldn't be sketchy.  OriginalRoomie's inviting a couple area friends of hers as well.

At the Davis T Station there were wee Tufts students and I was so confused until I remembered that yes, Tufts has an undergrad program.  (NewRoomie is a grad student at Tufts, so I now think of it in that context exclusively.)

Tonight Joe IMed me -- lovely as always -- and I also had good AIM conversation with immortalavalamp riffing off of this article and with offbalance about Crash because I was going to see Jam.  (I basically went because Gina Torres is made of hotness.  I wouldn't go out of my way to recommend the film, but I did enjoy the experience.  Amusingly, Gina Torres' girlfriend in the film played Nancy in "The Wish."  I wasn't grabbed by any of the films looking at the BFF website, but looking at the actual booklet I'm tempted by a lot more.  Decisions, decisions.)