September 12th, 2006

big girl world

Icon used for self-motivation.

Today's accomplishments included:
+ assorted erranding
+ grocery shopping
+ laundry
+ light cleaning of the bathroom

I think Thursday I'm going to go to the Chinatown RMV (nearest full-service one, open until 7pm on Thursdays) to get a liquor ID and then see Eve of Understanding at BFF.  I need to suss out when I can take a morning off so I can go get a recycling bin from the DPW.  (Really I would probably be okay just coming in an hour later -- though I should figure out if there are any other 9-5 errands I need to squeeze into that time.)

I also have apartment-warming planning/shopping to take care of, and the usual new season wardrobe dissatisfaction.  And correspondence, and writeups and media imbibement, and oh god cleaning my room (my current plan is to just leave the door closed during my party).  And I want to get my hair trimmed and am considering dying it.  Oh, and I need to sign up for the HBS gym -- and buy clothes I can actually work out in.  Yeah, I seriously need to make myself a detailed To Do List.

In other news, I'm ~1/5 of the way through Midnight's Children and unimpressed.  I think it's safe to say I'm not a big Rushdie fan.  (What I really liked about The Satanic Verses was the stuff that dealt with religion.)

Also, I miss Ari already.  (Her LJ presence -- though having a meatspace Ari was of the good as well, and possibly exacerbates my cybermissage.)