September 13th, 2006


Also, there was Godiva chocolate this morning.

Mmm, LaunchCast is playing angry music but the kind that gets you all pumped up (matchbox 20 "Disease," Everclear "Like a California King").

Today's Metro reminded me that 1776 is playing locally. Would be fun to go -- and awesome if I could go with Allie. I was thinking the other day that I almost feel like I should go out to Smith the weekend of the 30th 'cause anniversary of Serenity (I went out for opening weekend last year). Moving to the realm of actual possibility: various people need to come out to visit me and attend Little Shop of Horrors with me in October.

Now... if only I can channel this jazzed-up-ness into productivity, like actually writing fic or something. Anyone wanna offer me "Five Things..." type prompts?
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[book review] Touchy Subjects: stories (Emma Donoghue, 2006)

[I forgot to post this before I started reading Midnight's Children.]

The stories in Emma Donoghue's Touchy Subjects make me uncomfortable. Which I think they're supposed to, because they're about the awkwardness of human interaction and how we lie to each other and how difficult it can be to tell the truth to each other. Reading it I was at times reminded of Joyce Carol Oates, though Oates is more grotesque.

I do like "Expecting" a lot, even though it's uncomfortable. And I'm more okay with the stories in the later sections -- e.g., "Speaking in Tongues," "The Welcome."

I was reading the book jacket blurb afterward, and it is somewhat impressive/remarkable that she's writing (spnning, publishing) these stories about such apparently mundane stuff. And of course the point of the stories is how these mundane things are so huge.

My introduction to Emma Donoghue was Hood, which I've read three times (v. unusual for me) and one of the things I loved was her awareness of language and how she was very humorously self-conscious about that, complete with etymological digressions (a sure way to my heart), and I was pleased to see some of that in here as well.

I wish I had some definitive feeling (yay or nay) on this collection, but I don't.

[Sidenote: Amazon tells me Best Lesbian Erotica 2007 is already available; apparently Emma Donoghue wrote the introduction. I'm gonna need to get it if for no other reason than that there's a Little Red Riding Hood story -- hello senior seminar paper :) -- but some of the other stuff sounds interesting, plus now it can be a Thing: the annual ripping apart of the "Best Lesbian Erotica" :) ]

Frankenmix 5: September


The Tracklist

  1. A holiday song
  2. A spring song
  3. A sleeping song
  4. A sugared song
  5. A fierce song
  6. A mysterious song
  7. A yearning song
  8. A satisfied song
  9. A mourning song
  10. A kind song
  11. A pure song
  12. A bitter song

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