September 17th, 2006


[Saturday] "Suit up"

trijinx came by Saturday afternoon to watch some of my remaining How I Met your Mother reruns.  She's closer to the Square than I had thought, so it turns out it only takes about a half an hour to walk from her house to mine.  P.S. ABC Family was playing The Count of Monte Cristo.

So I ended up being fashionably late to RA's pre-party after all.  When I told her I was hanging out with a friend she was all "You should have invited her."  I said I didn't think it was really her scene.  As it turned out, it was so not my scene.  I mean, I knew that already, but the music was so incredibly loud and there wasn't really much room to dance (plus I was time-aware 'cause I didn't wanna have to pay for a taxi home -- but a three mile walk on Mass. Ave. was not exciting either).

Sidenote: The awkwardness makes me fear for my party this Saturday.  Though my birthday party-of-four managed to not suck, so I supposed I really shouldn't worry.

However, this did mean trijinx missed Cailin planning to hook up me and Eric :)  Collapse )
It's possible that I've stressed myself writing all that up 'cause in rereading it I'm like "Who am I kidding?  I've barely got time for my friends nevermind an s.o." -- which was my m.o. throughout college.

Claire introduced me to her friends Nick and Owen -- both Firefly fans.  I had forgotten that she was Firefly fan, so I was v. impressed that she remembered that I was.  Owen did a spring semester at Oxford (Brasenose); he said he had a couple friends who got a two-month EuroRail pass and went all over Europe that way, sleeping on trains -- if there was a city they wanted to spend more than one day in they would take the train out and then back in.  Hardcore.

I tried to talk to RA's roommate's sister (Kate?) but it was so incredibly loud you literally had to basically talk into the other person's ear.  Yeah, so not my scene.

Oh, at the pre-party I met one of RA's friends, a guy named P.K. and he shook my hand and I tend to handshake firmly (I think I read How to Win Friends and Influence People at an impressionable age or something) and he commented on that, said he was taken by surprise by it and hoped he was man enough for me but feared he wasn't.  I just laughed because I had nothing to say to that.  His handshake really was nothing, so I couldn't reassure him on that score, and while I expect it's accurate that women are less likely than men to handshake firmly I get uncomfortable around traditional definitions of masculinity (i.e. the "man enough for you" comment).  Though at one point he was handing around a plate of grapes etc. and joked "grapes, for feeding your lover, like so," and demonstrated with a guy friend, so obviously he won big points with me.


I ordered an amaretto sour at Enormous Room (thanks, Michaela -- though this one was way sweeter than the one I had in Georgia).  I wanna try out interesting drinks at my apartment-warming, but I worry that no one's gonna want any and I'm gonna have booze lying around for eternity (with limited storage space).  I also think I need to come up with more food as the affirmative RSVPs keep increasing.  Sigh.  (I know, being madly popular, it's tragic.)
moon house

[CAUMC] Fifteenth Sunday After Pentecost

[Sidenote: Highs around 80F?  For multiple days in a row?  September, don't be that way.]

Gary (the pastor at CAUMC) was having a luncheon after church today for the young adults (he's gonna be doing a bunch of these with various different groups of people) so yay, free food, and I figured it would be tacky to just show up at the end of church to go, so I went to service there today.

I liked it better than the previous times I've been there.

Collapse )

After church, CAUMC!Michelle and I were sitting at Coffee Hour and she was talking to someone else and said "I was telling Liz earlier--" and then stopped herself and asked me whether I had a Liz/Elizabeth preference.  This made me happy 'cause she's called me "Liz" before and I haven't been able to bring myself to be bitch enough to call her on it but it honestly doesn't feel like my name.  She said she had heard me called Liz by someone else, that that's where she got it from.  This may be true (I feel like one other CAUMC person has called me "Liz" -- and again with my not making them stop/change) though I can't remember who it would be.


At the luncheon, Gary asked me where I was from and apparently he's v. good friends with Leah O'Leary (and her deceased husband) so he totally knew my town.  Earlier, CAUMC!Michelle had been talking about hiking at Blue Hills and I said I should start saying Norwood is near Blue Hills 'cause people know that (I'm used to just naming towns and hoping something rings a bell for the person I'm talking to).  I forget which one of them said it, but one of them mentioned the Auto Mile.  I said I try to avoid mention of that :)  But I also added, which I hadn't thought of until just then, that a lot of people recognize the town name from the commercials, but unless they've actually been there it doesn't help them any in getting a sense of where the town is.

I forget how we got talking about it, but we got talking about homosexuality and churches and Gary (or maybe it was Andrew) said that oftentimes homosexuality is the only time churches talk about sexuality at all, so it gets weighted with all that baggage and awkwardness.  I would love to talk about what the church's (any C/church) sexual ethics is (are?) 'cause that's totally been a recurrent Thing for me personally.

(Sidenote: One of Gary's friends was at the World Council -- or whatever it's called -- and is fluent in French and heard some of the interpreters telling some of the African delegations about the homosexuality resolutions using "promiscuity" for "homosexuality."  That's disturbing.  He went over and talked to the delegates and explained the issue, but who knows how often that happens other places/times.)

Gary was making jokes about Trelawney ('cause, yanno, she wasn't there to defend herself -- but I recognized it as good-natured and all from the interactions I've seen between them before, though it still made me a little uncomfortable 'cause as nikitangel was talking about recently: it's awkward when people badmouth people they're civil/friendly to 'cause what do they say about you when you're not around?) and of course this included her wedding, and it's so weird being around peer groups where a majority are married.  [Admittedly, they're all older than I am.]

We dismissed around 2:30 but I was feeling slightly crampy -- plus hi it was hot out -- so I did not go for a boat ride.


I finally added some links to my mainpage sidebar.  I'm not entirely satisfied with it (I can't figure out how to add a top border to the sections I added, plus I want the text in the grey boxes vertically as well as horizontally centered)

On LJ's Edit Style page it says:
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Hey mom, NewRoomie is more hardcore than I am -- wants people to not cook meat in her pots&pans.  Okay, in my ideal world I probably would prefer that, but so long as stuff is washed thoroughly between touching meat and touching my food I'm okay.  (My vegetarianism is not kosher.)

OriginalRoomie actually did not know that I was a vegetarian (though she knew NewRoomie is).  I really thought this had come up in conversation at some point, but perhaps not.  She asked if my vegetarianism was "self-inflicted" -- she stopped herself partway through that phrase realizing the connotations were not what she wanted at all.  I think the concept of myself as a "self-inflicted" vegetarian is awesome.


You know, I sometimes think/worry that at some point you've watched an episode enough times that there are no new thoughts to be had on it, but paper_crystals just rewatched "Out of Gas" [flocked, link for my reference] and talked about the symbolism of Mal's "journey" through the ship and other stuff I hadn't thought about at all and now I wanna rewatch the episode and pay attention to that stuff.